Pop Star-Turned-Minister Exposes Witchcraft in Media


Pop Star-Turned-Minister Exposes Witchcraft in Media

By Jessilyn Lancaster, Managing Editor

Jeannie Ortega Law is a vibrant, authentic, passionate, prayer-filled woman. She exudes charisma in her interviews both in front of and behind the camera. Her platform as a former pop star gives her an opportunity to share the Gospel around the world. Now, she’s sharing her testimony and lessons in spiritual warfare in her new book, What Is Happening to Me?

“It definitely feels like I’ve exposed myself in a new way I’ve never done before, that everyone is staring, that everyone is looking deeper than they’ve ever had,” Ortega Law says of her book.

What Is Happening to Me is subtitled “How to Defeat Your Unseen Enemy,” as Ortega Law was exposed to spiritual warfare from a very early age, and the book allows her to share how she gained victory over demonic forces in her own life.

Ortega Law first encountered terrifying spiritual warfare when she was just a child when her family introduced her to the false religion of Santaria.

“I was exposed to things in that religion, and just even as a child, overall, that I didn’t have the emotional capacity to understand. And now that I do have the emotional capacity to understand, they were downright evil,” Ortega says of what she witnessed.

Though some people in her family claimed the religion was a form of Christianity, Ortega Law experienced otherwise.

“We are also interacting with all these other dead spirits to either put curses on people or to get what we want. It’s magic, and it’s witchcraft, according to what the Bible says.”

Ortega Law said she always felt a check in her spirit and knew the religion was dangerous. That was her first indication that a Living God wanted a relationship with her.

“I just thank God that there was always that feeling like something wasn’t right. Now even going back through it, I’m like, ‘Wow, Lord, You were there!'” Oretega Law says. “He had always inserted Himself in different ways in my life, regardless what I was exposed to, to help kind of lead me down another path.”

That path was music.

Ortega Law signed with Hollywood Records at age 16. Her singles were featured on Disney Radio. She went on tour with Rihanna. Everything she wanted was right there.

Then, in 2007, Ortega Law had a life-changing encounter with the Lord and decided to use her gifts to glorify Him.

Her time in the entertainment industry and witnessing Santaria rituals suddenly became catapults against the enemy in spiritual warfare as she identifies what Satan is attempting to do in the media.

“I think that witchcraft has always been present in media. Every single movie that we saw as children, there was always that wicked person that would use magic or spells and things like that to try to destroy the hero,” Ortega Law says. “But now, what’s different than when we were growing up, is [witchcraft] is celebrated. Maleficent is now the main character. She’s not just the supporting role. I think for us, we had an understanding that some of these witches and then people in cartoons that were evil, they were evil. We understood that. We were told that. Now [witchcraft] is kind of glamorized. It’s totally inserted everywhere, and it’s being encouraged.”

However, Ortega Law says, Christians shouldn’t boycott the media. Instead, believers have an obligation to engage in the spiritual battle happening on the screens.

“We’re called to be the light in the dark. We’re called to be the the salt of the earth,” Ortega Law says. “If we’re not stepping up to the plate to be the light, to shine the light, then we are withdrawing. We’re pretty much giving up our influence. We’re allowing the enemy to just rule and reign. And if that was the case, if we were not meant to do anything, then I’m pretty sure Jesus would take us home. If we’re on the earth, then there’s a purpose. If we’re still here, there’s a purpose for our life.”

And for Ortega Law, right now, that purpose is to equip the body of Christ to learn how to fight their unseen enemy. Find out more in her book, What Is Happening to Me?available now.

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