Sadie Robertson & Actress Chrissy Metz Want People to Know They Have a Purpose

Sadie Robertson & Actress Chrissy Metz Want People to Know They Have a Purpose

By Tess Farrand, Staff Writer

21-year-old Sadie Robertson grew up being on TV because of the A&E reality series about her family, DUCK DYNASTY. Over a decade later, Sadie is a Christian speaker, published author, DANCING WITH THE STARS runner-up, previous host of the Movieguide® Awards. In 2018, Sadie launched “WHOA That’s a Good Podcast” where she interviews Christians in various fields and gleans from their wisdom along with those who listen. In her most recent podcast episode, Sadie chats with Christian actress Chrissy Metz (THIS IS US) about some powerful truths about purpose in everyday life, and it’s a message worth listening to.

In just a couple of months, Chrissy’s faith-based movie BREAKTHROUGH will release in theaters. The actress plays the Joyce Smith, who, along with her husband (played by Josh Lucas), adopts a son and witnesses God’s miraculous ability to heal after he falls through a frozen lake, drowns and comes back to life. During the podcast episode titled “The Power of Purpose and Positivity,” Sadie probed a line of dialogue from BREAKTHROUGH when talking to Chrissy. “You kept saying you have a purpose and you are loved.” She went on to ask, “how important do you think those words are for literally everyone to hear?” Chrissy responded, “as human beings, we compare and despair to people in other walks of life.”

The trap of comparison is one that both women resonate with as they’re in the public eye with nearly 5 million Instagram followers collectively. As the episode continued, Chrissy nodded back to her days as an actress looking for work and noted that other peoples’ definition of success shouldn’t define who you are. Chrissy continued, “if you’re on this planet of existence, you are purposeful and you are loved. We don’t share that enough.”

Sadie concurred with Chrissy adding, “purpose… it’s not a specific job, position or title or achievement. The purpose is simple, you have breath, you have life, therefore you have purpose, and you have to know you’re loved.” She finished, “it’s not somebody you’re going to become, it’s not something you have to strive for, it’s actually right where you’re at right now.”

Although Sadie never directly asks Chrissy about her faith, their conversation echoes the thoughts of purpose found in the Bible (Col. 1:6, 1 Pet. 2:9, Ps. 33:11, etc.). Both women have spoken out about their faith in the past and with conversations such as this, it may inspire others to embrace their faith and purpose daily.