The ‘Old-Fashioned’ Marriage of Kelly Ripa and Mark Consuelos

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The ‘Old-Fashioned’ Marriage of Kelly Ripa and Mark Consuelos

By Movieguide® Staff

ALL MY CHILDREN co-stars Kelly Ripa and Mark Consuelos, married 25 years ago, called their marriage “old-fashioned.”

Despite their busy schedules, Ripa said that raising children was a priority. 

“I’ve been able to raise my kids here in this city, in the nest, and he’s always been willing to travel and go to a set and go off here and sometimes he’s had to go live in another country to work on a set over there,” Ripa, 50, said on the “Double Date” podcast. “What’s funny is I think of us as such a progressive as a couple. I always think of us as politically progressive. Yet, when it comes to our own family and our marriage and our roles, I think of us as very traditional and almost old-fashioned in our roles.”

The two actors are both 50 and share three kids—Michael, 23, Lola, 19, and Joaquin, 18. 

Ripa is the host of LIVE! WITH KELLY AND RYAN, and said the show allowed her to spend more time with her children.

“I wanted to raise my kids. I didn’t want to have them and never get to see them. And the talk show afforded me this opportunity where I would work in the morning, early in the morning, and then I would have the rest of the day to take them to their activities or be there and watch the ballet recital, be there and do all of those things,” Ripa shared.

Consuelos sacrificed time with his family to travel and provide for the family.  

“Traveling is hard and being away from home is hard and sometimes he would miss milestones for the kids,” Ripa said. “I know that was hard for him.

“In that way, we’re very traditional,” Ripa continued. “He made those sacrifices, but I think he wouldn’t know how to find a ballet class. He wouldn’t know how to go about signing the kids up for religion classes.”

Consuelos said that loyalty to his wife, and vice versa, is essential.  

“We had a conversation where I said, ‘Hey listen, there’s really only room for one man in this relationship and it’s going to be me,'” Consuelos shared.

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Kelly Ripa, her husband Mark Consuelos, and their kids got candid about their family in the latest issue of PEOPLE Magazine for the family issue.

“As you get older and you learn more, that youngest kid hopefully benefits from a little bit more wisdom … and hopefully fewer nerves,” Ripa told PEOPLE.

As for Consuelos, the RIVERDALE actor isn’t as overprotective of his daughter, Lola, as he originally thought he would be as she’s grown up.

He said, “As overprotective as I thought I would be when she was born and I was holding her in my arms, I’ve mellowed a bit. Because I’m really aware of what a good head [she has] on her shoulders.”