Time for a Media Tea Party!

By David Outten, Production Editor

I was recently asked, “What do we do if we get to the point where we have to choose to pay taxes and fund abortions or refuse to pay and go to jail?”

Does anyone honestly believe the government hasn’t already funded massive infanticide? Planned Parenthood has fed greedily at the government trough for decades. If withholding tax dollars is a good idea, we should have started long before now.

The Government funds an entire education system designed to rid children of belief in God – especially at the college level. Many Christians have been dutifully paying tuition to Christian schools AND taxes for everyone else’s kids to go to the local godless schools.

If you really want to change America, withhold your dollars at the box office for anything remotely immoral, stop watching bad television and liberal news shows, quit buying bad music and cancel your subscription to liberal newspapers. Let the liberal media go without your money. Support movies and programs that do promote morality. Fund the production of more such programming. The media is more responsible for the millions of abortions than the justices who voted to legalize the slaughter. Had the media not created the climate in the first place, that court decision would never have been made.

If you really want to end abortion, watch the movie AMAZING GRACE. William Wilberforce was up against a huge well-funded political machine. He was trying to change a law even more firmly established than Roe v. Wade. Politically you could not be much lower than opposing slavery in 18th Century England. But, Wilberforce had the moral high ground. His battle was FIRST moral and THEN political. His campaign was not just to win over politicians, but to win the public. The tide was turned by the quality of the moral argument presented to the whole world. Wilberforce won the battle in the media of his day.

If we win the media war and sixty percent of voters refuse to vote for a pro-abortion candidate. You will see change. If we continue to lose the media war people like Sasha Baron Cohen (BORAT, BRÜNO) will get elected to Congress – probably from Minnesota.

There are those who fear that, once established, laws and programs can be almost impossible to change. Nothing is impossible if we win the minds and hearts of the people. Imagine how impossible it looked for those seeking women’s suffrage, prohibition or civil rights. The moral high ground can win the political high ground only when it first wins the media war.

Look Who’s Winning and Why

Homosexuals are winning more and more political battles because they claim to be on moral high ground and the media works overtime trying to convince the world they belong there. They don’t. If the media revealed what life is really like in the “gay” community, people would be revolted.

So, why are homosexuals making political progress? If you think the gay lobby is strong in Washington, you ought to see how strong it is in Hollywood. They know what comes first. Christians vastly outnumber gays in American culture, but gays work MUCH harder to influence the media.

The abortion issue itself tells the story. Providing women “choice” is loudly touted as being equivalent to defending liberty. It’s not. In the name of “choice,” women are now allowed to do to unborn babies what Hitler did to the Jews – exterminate them. The liberal media will not make that case. Anyone who does makes that case is railed against as a “radical right-wing extremist.” It’s all about claiming the moral high ground and reaping political power.

President Obama and the current leaders of Congress are where they are today because of the media. The American people were sold swampland by a media with a liberal Socialist agenda.

The Way To Win

If you stop paying taxes, and go to jail, the current media will present you as a nut-case and ne’er-do-well. It would be far more effective to wage some war on the media. Most major newspapers are on the verge of both moral and financial bankruptcy and the major news networks aren’t far behind. Dan Rather is now asking President Obama to help save the media.

If you want to see legalized abortion end, help kill the media outlets that encouraged the Roe v Wade decision and have been guarding it ever since. They are vulnerable. They’re already crumbling. We just need to help put a few nails in the coffin and bury it.

They live on advertising. Advertising is attracted by audiences. Unsubscribe to publications that support abortion. Don’t watch ANY programs on networks with news divisions propping up Roe v Wade. And, MOST IMPORTANTLY, encourage everyone you know to do likewise.

Hollywood itself is bloated, arrogant and quite vulnerable. The Academy Awards have become such a moral abomination their audience continually declines. If you haven’t already quit watching them yet now would be a great time. Without their television audience they would have no advertisers and no money. They’d wind up giving their awards out at the local gay bathhouse.

Americans need to learn that the votes they make with their money and their television remote carry as much or more weight than their vote in the voting booth.

Time for a Media Tea Party

The Colonists threw English tea into Boston harbor. We can do the equivalent by refusing to spend a dime with those whose who promote the idea that abortion is moral.

If the liberal media dies what do you think the impact would be on Congress? Do you think they’ll fail to notice? Most elected officials are HIGHLY sensitive to how they are portrayed in the media. If liberals lose their fawning media friends they will not be as bold in writing immoral legislation. They probably won’t even be in Congress.

I Have a Dream

If you really want to see abortion made illegal help fund a nightly edition of Ted Baehr’s MOVIEGUIDE® and get Christians watching it instead of Entertainment Tonight. Get more people to watch The MOVIEGUIDE® Awards than watch the Academy Awards. Make more Christian movies like FIREPROOF and FACING THE GIANTS to compete with BRÜNO and SAW VI and VII. Get people to watch CBN News instead of ABC, CBS, NBC or the Communist News Network (CNN) in the “mainscream’ media.

I’d love to make some movies that present the true moral high ground. I’d like to see some schools that truly teach the benefits of morality. I bet I could make a series of educational videos that make solid conservatives out of children who were drifting toward Obaminism. Help me get good material into the hands, hearts and minds of the next generation and we will end abortion.

The moral high ground never budges. It belongs to God. Nothing is wiser. Nothing is more compassionate. Nothing is more civil, kind, courteous and generous, yet we’ve done a pathetic job of selling that to the public. We offer Sunday sermons to those willing to come to church while the competition has 200 Channels running 24 hours a day seven days a week – and many movies as well.

The American media is on the verge of convincing the majority of Americans that men who like to urinate on each other are more moral than Christians.

God Has a Dream

Jesus Christ commanded that we “seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness.” He instructed us to pray, “Thy kingdom come, in earth as it is in heaven.”

The liberal media would present anyone who proclaims this as a religious zelot out to force Christianity down everyone’s throats. That’s another HUGE lie.

Heaven is made up of people who WANT to obey God.

Hell is made up of those who don’t.

What God wants is a world full of people who obey Him out of love and appreciation. If God had sent Jesus to force Christianity on the world He would have crushed the Roman Empire like a bug.

What God wants us to do is to proclaim the true moral high ground and invite the world to join us. God’s idea of heaven on earth would include such things as “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you,” forgive, be kind, considerate, unselfish, generous and courteous.

If heaven came to earth you wouldn’t need locks on your doors, virus software on your computer or baggage scanners at airports.

God knows the true moral high ground and wants us to live there.

We’re the ones who choose to accept hell on earth. We pay to watch movies with profanity. We watch news programs that promote “choice” as the moral high ground. If we chose to live in hell on earth we can.

God’s dream is that those who want His kingdom on earth will begin to live in it and invite others to come as well.

You can’t bring a copy of BRÜNO into the kingdom of heaven, and CBS “News” is not broadcast there telling people “choice” is a moral high ground. If you want Hell on earth, you can watch them and they’ll get you there.

Note:  Art courtesy of download-free-pictures.com at http://download-free-pictures.com/.