What You Need To Know:

In INDECENT PROPOSAL, when Diana and David Murphy gamble their way to wealth, then lose their winnings, the situation complicates when a billionaire offers one million dollars for a night with Diana. The couple agrees, but suffers consequences. The underlying theme of prostitution and the fornication scenes are offensive and annoying, and both the plot and the dialogue need fleshing out.


(H, LL, NN, SSS, M, O, B) A humanistic and materialistic worldview complete with: 10 obscenities & 2 profanities; partial female nudity & male nudity; graphic sexual scenes between married couple; adultery; overall theme of gambling & trusting in "chance;" slight occultic undertones; and, a redemptive ending.

More Detail:

The movie INDECENT PROPOSAL relies on an ancient theme: Anyone can be bought with a price. Initially, David and Diana Murphy have a happy marriage, and Diana encourages her architect husband to build his dream house. When a recession comes, they are about to lose their investment and turn to Las Vegas’ gambling to recoup the needed money. At first, they win $25,000, but they continue to gamble and lose everything. Billionaire John Gage propositions the two to have Diana spend a night with him for a million dollars. They agree. The night’s aftermath yields the bitter fruit of suspicion, jealousy and distrust. The two argue, then separate. At film’s end, they come back together in a so-called “redemptive” ending, which spelled out, says that sexual immorality is permissible if it works for the good of all involved.

Redford and Moore turn in credible performances, and the cinematography, film transitions and pace are well executed. The script needs fleshing out, and the actors are forced to do what can with insipid “one-liners,” and saying “I love you,” or similar next-to-nothing lines over and over. Furthermore, the underlying theme of prostitution and pimping as well as the fornication scenes are offensive and annoying. Moreover, the immoral premise of this film makes it unacceptable for moral individuals and families. Women should be especially incensed at this idea that they can be bought and sold like chattel.