What You Need To Know:

DRAGON: THE BRUCE LEE STORY tells the story of Bruce Lee, a martial arts' expert, who died mysteriously at the age of 32. Based on a book (BRUCE LEE: THE MAN I ONLY KNEW) by Lee's widow, the film contains a well-balanced script with a minimum number of profanities, but it does have some violent elements and objectionable Eastern religious philosophies.


(L, NN, SS, VV, M, FR) Approximately 11 obscenities & no profanities; partial upper female nudity; casual sexual relationships; numerous martial arts fights; revenge; and, Eastern religious beliefs presented through martial arts.

More Detail:

DRAGON–THE BRUCE LEE STORY is a well-crafted and entertaining biography about the life and times of the man who brought martial arts to the big screen. Based on his wife’s biography, BRUCE LEE: THE MAN I ONLY KNEW, the film surprises us with a sensitive portrayal of Lee as a romantic husband and a loving father as well as a perfectionist who struggled against racism and personal tragedies to become the world’s greatest martial arts master. However, the film also has a down side: Lee’s impressive martial arts abilities are linked to his Eastern religious beliefs, and the story implies that Lee’s power comes from releasing spiritual energy that is channeled through him. This teaching is opposed to the Truth and needs to be discussed in reference to the film.

The story starts in Hong Kong in 1949. We watch the young Bruce Lee studying with an old master who reveals to him the mysteries of the martial arts. The adult Lee (Jason Scott Lee) is shown using his martial arts prowess to rectify wrongs in the world. Lee is forced to flee Hong Kong when he injures a drunken white man in a fight, so his father sends him to the United States. In college, he meets Linda, an attractive Caucasian woman, whom he marries, and they raise a family. Lee journeys on a rags-to-riches adventure during the course of his life, which include moments of glory and others of despair and travail. Some of the fight scenes are brutal.