"Spasms of Blasphemous Sexual Burlesque"

What You Need To Know:

Upping the ante of vulgarity, writer/director Trey Parker of vulgar SOUTH PARK fame now brings us ORGAZMO, a sex farce that celebrates lust, blasphemy and scatological humor in an outrageous way. ORGAZMO is the most offensive, unfunny movie to date.


(ABABAB, LLL, VVV. SSS. NNN, A, D, M) Strong, virulent, mean-spirited Anti-Biblical worldview with specifically targeted, blasphemous attacks on Jesus including video store sells Jesus videos such as PULP JESUS, NATURAL BORN JESUS & other slanderous titles, & an apparition of Jesus appears at end to condone pornography; 134 obscenities & 15 profanities mixed with blasphemy; cruel sadistic violence done in a mock manner, Chinese restaurant owner thrown against wall, his face pushed through glass sushi bar, & many martial arts beatings, one with a baseball bat, but very little blood; constant sexual activity because movie focuses on making a pornographic film, group sex, homosexual sex, & other perverse sexual activity all described in detail; nudity & semi-nudity throughout the film, but no genitalia; drinking; smoking; and, lying, thugery, cruelty, & constant wretchedness.

More Detail:

Writer/director Trey Parker has become an underground sensation with his blasphemous, bigoted, offensive, and vulgar Comedy Central series SOUTH PARK. Upping the ante of vulgarity, Trey Parker now brings us ORGAZMO a sex farce that celebrates lust, blasphemy and scatological humor in a completely outrageous way. Parker explains, “The first thing you learn in comedy is that you’re gonna p*ss people off…. All you can do is try to offend people equally.”

ORGAZMO is the most offensive, unfunny movie to date. Imagine the worst kind of sexual humor, and you still might not come close to the filthiness in ORGAZMO. At a screening of this 90-minute movie, there were only two or three laughs uttered by some of Trey Parker and his partner Matt Stone’s friends and groupies.

ORGAZMO tells the sick story of a young Mormon named Joe Young who comes to Hollywood to find new converts for this heretical cult. Stumbling onto the set of a pornographic movie produced by Maxxx Orbison (Michael Dean Jacobs), Joe, played by Trey Parker, is hired to play Captain Orgazmo in a cheap porno flick. At first, he refuses, saying that his Heavenly Father would not like this, but eventually Maxxx offers him more money than he can turn down, so Joe rationalizes that the money will allow him to marry his fiance Lisa (Robyn Lynne Raab) in the Mormon Temple in Salt Lake City.

In the vile, disgusting, miserable, pornographic, rotten movie that Joe is making, his character within the movie, Captain Orgazmo, uses an orgamorator to combat criminals by getting them so aroused that they go into apoplexy. Also, his disgusting sidekick uses perverse phallic sex toys to fight crime. Eventually, Joe becomes Orgazmo in real life and copies the script of the porno movie to fight crime. The end of the movie shows an apparition of Jesus Christ giving His blessing to all the blasphemous perverse behavior.

ORHAZMO is a movie that tries hard to offend. Sex toys, obscenities, vulgarities, and scatological humor are present at every moment. Just when one thinks that it couldn’t go any further, it goes further. There is even a certain sick prudishness to the movie since it uses pasties and other devices to cover up miniscule areas of genitalia. Even so, there is nothing erotic in this movie, and there is nothing funny in this movie.

It is clear, however, that Trey Parker has talent. The question is, is this movie semi-autobiographical? Is he fighting against childhood repression? Or, is he just selling out to become rich and famous?

It is hard to believe that even somebody like Parker could be so completely devoid of conscience, but the proof is in the product, and this product is more demonic in its own way than even most of the worst horror movies. At least in most of those movies, there is often a battle against true evil.