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AMERICAN IDOL’s Megan Danielle: ‘God Made All This Happen for a Reason’

Photo from Megan Danielle’s Instagram

AMERICAN IDOL’s Megan Danielle: ‘God Made All This Happen for a Reason’

By Movieguide®️ Contributor

Christian singer and AMERICAN IDOL finalist Megan Danielle recently shared that she has no hard feelings towards this season’s winner, Iam Tongi.

Danielle praised her fellow contestant for his talent and congratulated him on his win.

“I feel like Iam was deserving and he’s so humble and so talented,” Danielle told NY Post. “And this was his time and I’m just super proud of him,”

The 21-year-old responded to fans’ claim that the death of Tongi’s father before his auditions influenced the votes to his favor by saying, “Even if I was first, second, last, whatever … I feel like any of us really deserved it.”

The singer summed it up to providence for the outcome of the 21st season of the hit show.

“I would say that it isn’t [rigged—the votes] just because, you know, I feel like God made all of this happen for a reason,” she said.

Danielle also said she keeps in contact with her fellow contestants.

“We’re a big friend group. That’s the best part of the whole thing — the friends you make,” she stated.

Throughout the competition she has made bold statements of faith, not only in her song choices, but in choosing more modest outfits as she recalled,

“The wardrobe team was amazing; I love every single one of them. There were some times when maybe they want a different outfit. And I’m like, ‘Well, you know, I’m more of a classier Christian.’”

The Georgia native added with a smile, “They always made sure … to let me wear my country boots and my western belt.”

She has sung two of Lauren Daigle’s songs “You Say” and “Thank God I Do.”

Movieguide®️ previously reported on how pop star Katy Perry, who got her start in Christian music but has since renounced her faith, was even moved by Danielle’s performance of Vince Gill’s “Go Rest On That High Mountain.”:

Katy Perry told Danielle following the performance, “I don’t think Luke [Bryan] chose that song. I think your Grandpa chose that song and I think he’s trying to tell you that you are exactly where you’re meant to be right now. You deserve this moment, Megan, and it’s a wonderful confirmation. I don’t believe in any coincidences and we couldn’t have known any of that. So I just think that was Heaven sent.” 

Danielle recalled on IDOL the influence her late grandfather had on her career path as a Christian singer as reported by Movieguide®️:

“I didn’t like performing at bars because I felt like I had to act like someone I wasn’t, so that people would like what they were hearing,” she explained.

Her grandfather eventually pulled her aside and told her singing in bars wasn’t really who she was, adding, “How can you sing for God and sing for this?”

After that, Danielle decided to become a Christian artist. Her continued success on AMERICAN IDOL shows that she has a bright future ahead of her.

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