AMERICAN IDOL Contestant Wows Judges With Performance Of ‘Thank God I Do’

Screenshot from American Idol on ABC’s YouTube

AMERICAN IDOL Contestant Wows Judges With Performance Of ‘Thank God I Do’

 By Movieguide® Contributor

AMERICAN IDOL contestant Megan Danielle wowed judges and viewers with her recent performance of Lauren Daigle’s “Thank God I Do.”

The 21 year-old singer-songwriter’s powerful performance earned her a spot in the “victory zone,” making her one of just 12 AMERICAN IDOL finalists.

Daigle has been an influence on Danielle for years. She even sang with the 2012 AMERICAN IDOL alum during her audition, where the pair duetted on “You Say.”

Danielle shared some details about her musical journey during her AMERICAN IDOL audition, including early days performing in bars. 

“I didn’t like performing at bars because I felt like I had to act like someone I wasn’t, so that people would like what they were hearing,” she explained

Her grandfather eventually pulled her aside and told her singing in bars wasn’t really who she was, adding, “How can you sing for God and sing for this?” 

After that, Danielle decided to become a Christian artist. Her continued success on AMERICAN IDOL shows that she has a bright future ahead of her! 

Check out Danielle’s full performance below: 

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