Angela White Turned Down ‘A Lot of Things’ That Didn’t Match Commitment To Faith

Photo from Blac Chyna/Angela White’s Instagram

Angela White Turned Down ‘A Lot of Things’ That Didn’t Match Commitment To Faith

By Movieguide® Contributor

Angela White, formerly known as Blac Chyna, is focusing on her sobriety and her faith. 

“I used to grind, grind, grind and stay up and try to figure out what’s next, and that’s too much. That’ll wear you out,” she said while appearing on Lecrae’s “Deep End” podcast. “We’re looking at other people’s pace and what they’re doing, [and it] sort of makes you feel like, ‘Maybe I’m not doing enough,’ when there’s only 24 hours in a day. Do what you can and worry about the rest later.”

For now, White is committed to staying mentally and physically healthy. 

“This year and last year has just been about working out, sobriety and the Bible, and if it doesn’t fall underneath that, then I’m just really not into it,” she said. 

White continued, “I’ve had to turn down a lot of things, and I’m like, these people are crazy. Like I mean some crazy stuff…I think the craziest one is I got an email from somebody and they were like, ‘Yeah, we want you to host this poker night at this thing. And if you get some people to come, like your famous friends to come in, then we’ll give you an extra $500,000 per each one, and like just all this stuff.”

“Crazy stuff like that; like even hosting things like even movie roles where it’s like. ‘No. Why would I be the sexy stripper villain?’” she said. “That’s too much…It’s too much.”

She also explained how she wants people to see her — “as a businesswoman, as a model…entrepreneur and just a real person.”

White was baptized in 2022.

“I was reborn on my birthday 5-11-22,” she captioned a post celebrating the occasion. “God is Good.”

White has previously spoken about her decision to be baptized in an interview with Fox News. 

“Honestly, for me, I was like, this is too much. It’s time for a change. This is not really who I am,” she explained. “Something just came over me like, the Holy Spirit came over me. And I was like, You know what? I need to figure out about what’s my purpose in life? Like, why am I here?”

“Honestly, when I got baptized, I knew that God told me, you do not need to be doing this,” White continued, referring to her former work on OnlyFans. “This is not why I put you here to degrade yourself. Because our bodies [are] a temple.”

Movieguide® previously reported on White’s faith journey:

Angela White, formerly known as Blac Chyna in the world of sexual content, explained how Christ grabbed her heart and caused her to leave behind her promiscuous life.

“I think it was like a few days before my birthday I told everybody, I was like, look… ‘I need everybody to find me a bishop, find me a church, find me somewhere, [the] only thing I want to do for my birthday is get baptized.’ I mean I’m like calling everybody to get them over here,” White told Christian rapper Lecrae on his podcast.

“Two bishops came, Bishop James and I forgot the other one’s name, and I was like, oh, I got to pick like which on is going to do this, so when I walked over there, I had got[ten] drawn to Bishop James and was just talking and stuff like that,” she continued. “Luckily Bishop James knew the other bishop…so they ended up both baptizing me. Bishop James was inside the water and then the other Pastor was on top, so they were both there and that was on May 11, 2022.”

She didn’t grow up in the church or spend much time around anyone with a strong faith, so White does not know where that strong desire to be baptized came from. However, she does know that it was the Lord speaking to her, and He subsequently put it on her heart to quit her life of stripping and OnlyFans.

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