Chayce Beckham Wins AMERICAN IDOL: ‘God Gave Me a Second Chance’

Photo from Chayce Beckham’s Instagram

Chayce Beckham Wins AMERICAN IDOL: ‘God Gave Me a Second Chance’

By Movieguide® Staff

Chayce Beckham is now the 19th winner of the popular singing competition show AMERICAN IDOL.

Despite the fame and recognition that comes with AMERICAN IDOL, Beckham said that his relationship with Jesus is the most important part of his life and has led him through difficult times before his debut on the show.

“I am a sinner and I make mistakes! Every day I pray to God and talk to Jesus and that is the best thing that I can do,” Beckham said. “I’ll put my best foot forward every single day that I get up and put the most energy I can and the most effort into the things that I am doing.”

He added: “It was a real sobering time in my life when I was realizing where I was at and who I am and what this all means to me. If I have to be sober and if I have to live my life a certain way or stay away from certain people, [I will]. I think I found myself through that process and through the show. It’s nice to know myself and my limits.”

Beckham said that God offered him a second-chance at life and is thankful for the opportunity to follow his dream of making music.

“[Before AMERICAN IDOL] I was scared to perform sober, and I have done it so many times now, so that is something I will keep with me for the rest of my life. Music is business to me and I take it very seriously. I don’t want to entertain anything that will mess that up. I have learned my lesson,” Beckham said. “God gave me a second chance to be alive, let alone do all this. I am very happy with myself and there is nothing else I can do other than to wake up, say my prayers, put my hat on and go to work. Now, I can sit back and relax and do what I love for a living. It’s growing up and maturing and realizing life isn’t what you think it is sometimes.”

After the show’s finale, Beckham said that he wants to make the most of his time and kickstart his musical career.

“I already have music written,” Beckham told Hollywood Life just hours after his win. “They can put me in the studio tonight and we could put out a single. But it’s all up in the air right now depending on what happens with record companies and what they decide they want to do with me. So, as soon as that all gets established, I think we will get directly into a studio and get a single out right away.”

He continued, “I want to be part of the game as long as possible. And just try to take this platform and momentum and use it to kick start a better career. This is awesome and a dream come true, but realistically, there is so much more that I would like to achieve.”

The country-style musician said his first step would be to move to Nashville, Tennessee.

“I think if I want to do country music, I have to go to the place where some of the best country music is being written,” Beckham said. “In Nashville, you have the best songwriters and best musicians across the country. So, hopefully I will be able to go to Nashville and write and record some number ones. I hope that is what Nashville has in store for me.”