Bringing the Gospel to Inmates


Christian Ministry NEXT Launches Powerful Prison Ministry

NEXT and Bible League International Join to Bring Inmates andTheir Families the Good News of Jesus

(Seattle, WA) NEXT, the publisher of the Japanese art style manga Bible series, is distributing 40,000 manga Bible books to inmates as well as their families throughout the Illinois correctional system with an eye to expand quickly into other states.

“We are so thankful for this opportunity that has opened up to present the gospel to people in difficult circumstances using this unique illustrated translation of the Bible,” says NEXT President and Founder Roald Lidal.

NEXT’s manga series is a five volume series based on the Bible and illustrated by acclaimed Japanese artists Ryo Azumi and Kelly Shinozawa. The manga series starts with Manga Mutiny, which covers Genesis through the exodus from Egypt, then moves to Manga Melech which covers from the exodus through King David when Manga Messengers picks up and continues through the prophets. Manga Messiah covers the four gospels, Manga Metamorphosis covers Acts and Paul’s letters.

The NEXT manga line of books is distributed by Tyndale House Publishers throughout North America.

“Our goal is to put the complete word of God into manga style books, which are one of the fastest growing book genres among kids, teens and young adults throughout the world. Many in the U.S. are familiar with ‘anime’ style Japanese animation. ‘Manga’ is a print art style, similar in some ways, yet all together unique and captivating in others,” explains Lidal.

NEXT has distributed 3 million copies of their books and 4 million booklets around the world. Of those, 800,000 books and 400,000 booklets are being used throughout a public school system in Uganda.

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