Faith Dominates the Field at NCAA Football Championship Game

Faith Dominates the Field at NCAA Football Championship Game

By Tess Farrand, Staff Writer

Football and sports, in general, are a form of entertainment in their own right and comparable to an on-stage performance. The players have their own “lines” to memorize – their playbook. Yet, as fans and spectators watch the game unfold, truly anything can happen and sometimes it does.

Last evening, Clemson took home the NCAA title for their stellar performance on the field against the University of Alabama. Whether your team won or lost or perhaps you didn’t have any skin in the game, one thing remains for a few bold sportsmen involved – their faith in Jesus.

Both starting quarterbacks from each team are Christians and have spoken out on their relationship with Jesus openly. Tua Tagovailoa of The University of Alabama often puts Eye Black under his eyes in the shape of the cross (similar to Tim Tebow putting John 3:16 under his eyes when he played for the University of Florida). In one interview Tua boldly states, “my poise comes from my faith… . I just pray asking God let Your will be in done in me and the rest will follow.” Quarterback Trevor Lawrence of Clemson also said during a recent press conference, “football’s important to me obviously but… it’s not my life, it’s not like the biggest thing in my life, my faith is…. It’s putting my identity in what Christ says.”

God might not care about who wins the game, but he does care how His followers use their talents and platform to glorify Him, and these young men certainly do it with a faithful posture.

After the National Championship game, Clemson’s coach, Dabo Swinney, spoke of his excitement and gratitude, “joy comes from focusing on Jesus, others and yourself.” He ended by saying, “you can’t write a Hollywood script like this, only God can do this, and that’s a fact.” This isn’t the first time he has publicly acknowledged his Christian beliefs.

Several other NFL football players like Peyton Manning and Colt McCoy don’t shy away from speaking about their faith in Jesus, and how it has shaped the trajectory of their careers. Additionally, when wildfires struck the Los Angeles region, Andrew Whitworth, donated his gameday check to help victims of the natural disaster as he and his family work to emulate Christ-like qualities. For these players, faith isn’t a segment of their lives but rather the main event.

While coach Swinney may have a point about God providing amazing opportunities, you never know, one day in the future, this story of faith on the field could certainly be a Hollywood movie in the coming years.

Until then, fans of the game will have to settle for other noteworthy football movies like REMEMBER THE TITANS and THE BLIND SIDE.

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