Former Senator Calls Conservative Actress Gina Carano a ‘Nazi’

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Former Senator Calls Conservative Actress Gina Carano a ‘Nazi’

By Movieguide® Staff

Gina Carano condemned former U.S. Senator Heidi Heitkamp’s comments comparing the actress to a Nazi on “Real Time with Bill Maher.” 

Heitkamp served as a U.S. senator in North Dakota from 2013 to 2019. While discussing cancel culture with late-night talk host Bill Maher, Heitkamp claimed that Disney fired Carano from her role on THE MANDALORIAN because “she was a Nazi… she does hang with white supremacists.”

Heitkamp then complained about conservatives calling out cancel culture.

“I suppose I’m now subject to defamation now […] but we have to be really careful. There’s two things the Republicans think they’re going to get Biden on: cancel culture and this whole Dr. Seuss stuff that’s going on, where they’re reading ‘Green Eggs and Ham,’ proving that some of these senators can actually read, and immigration,” Heitkamp continued. 

Carano took to Twitter to respond to Heitkamp’s accusation. 

“Here we have more of the dehumanizing phase of cancel culture,” Carano wrote. “Repeat lies over and over until the population takes them as ‘truth’. False, disturbing & disgusting language coming from a former U.S. Senator. @HeidiHeitkamp,” the former MMA fighter continued. “You knew as soon as you said it you were liable.”

Carano has faced significant backlash since she first spoke out against the silencing of conservative voices.

Movieguide® previously reported

Although actress Gina Carano was fired from the Disney+ series THE MANDALORIAN over social media posts comparing today’s political divide to a similar culture in Germany before the Nazis came to power, several high-profile voices took a stand to back Carano and defend freedom of speech.

Carano is not shy about sharing her conservative views on social media and has received backlash in the past. However, this time Lucasfilm confirmed in a statement that Carano is “not currently employed by” the company and “there are no plans for” her return “in the future.”

The decision to drop Carano was met with praise from liberal fans in favor of canceling the 38-year-old actress. However, Carano is fighting against Cancel Culture.

Less than 24 hours after Star Wars dropped THE MANDALORIAN actress, Carano announced a new project with The Daily Wire.

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