Judge Calls Christian Parents Bigoted

A recent court case in California led a judge to call Christian parents who want to opt their children out of pro-homosexual indoctrination “bigots.”

California law allows parents to opt their children out “health education,” which used to be a code name for sex education and pro-homosexual information. The parents say that a new pro-homosexual curriculum, now called an “anti-bullying” program, is still pro-homosexual, and they have the right to opt out.

The judge, Frank Roesch, insinuated that the parents are bigots, however, and that there is no homosexual indoctrination possible, because people are simply born that way. The judge also somehow managed to declare “creationism” to be “false.”

Perhaps Judge Roesch needs to take an anti-bullying course of his own.

Source: Pacific Justice Institute, 12/02/09.