LEFT BEHIND Adaptation With Kevin Sorbo, Corbin Bernsen, Neal McDonough to Hit Theaters in January

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LEFT BEHIND Adaptation With Kevin Sorbo, Corbin Bernsen, Neal McDonough to Hit Theaters in January

By Movieguide® Staff

Producer and writer for the upcoming LEFT BEHIND: RISE OF THE ANTICHRIST, Paul Lalonde recently explained the theology behind the new adaptation of the classic book, written by Tim LaHaye and Jerry Jenkins.

The movie, which stars Kevin Sorbo, Corbin Bernsen and Neal McDonough which, is set to premiere in theaters on Jan. 26 as a Fathom Event.

“The vast majority of people still don’t know anything about … prophecy, and that includes the church,” LaLonde told Faithwire. “People have, as the Bible prophesied they would, turned away from prophecy.

“The reality is: we do not have the option of just not worrying about it. We are told that prophecy is important,” he added. “Between a third and a half of the Bible is prophecy.”

Lalonde said that he hopes the movie opens up the topic of prophecy and God’s ultimate plan for his people and his world to a broader audience.

While RISE OF THE ANTICHRIST is not the first LEFT BEHIND movie adaptation, Lalonde said that it is unique.

“The most obvious change is: we have a whole new cast. I’m really excited about the cast,” he said. “This movie’s different than the 2014 movie because the objective is different. In 2014, the objective was to try and get the word of prophecy beyond the choir.”

Movieguide® previously reported:

Actor Kevin Sorbo is set to star in and produce a new movie adaption of the iconic book series “Left Behind.”

The popular books, co-authored by Tim LaHaye and Jerry B. Jenkins, have over 60 million copies sold and have sparked several past movie adaptations.

The big-screen adaption came in 2014, but Sorbo wants to make his mark on the eschatological interpretation with LEFT BEHIND: RISE OF THE ANTICHRIST.

Sorbo is set to take on the role of Rayford Steele and said he is excited to bring the books to life.

“I’ve known about the ‘Left Behind’ books forever,” Sorbo told Faithwire in an exclusive interview. “There was no way that anything else was going to get in the way of me wanting to be a part of this.”

“I love movies like this. I love movies that have hope, redemption, laughter, and love, and things that we need more than ever in this world — in this crazy, divisive world we live in,” the HERCULES actor added. “And we’re hoping a movie like this will be a positive impact on people around the world.”

Sorbo said that his movie would consider current events that have affected people on a global scale.

“I think it’s a grittier feel to it. The world’s a whole different place right now. … it feels like the rapture’s just down the road right now,” Sorbo said. “The Sodom and Gomorrah we’re living in right now.”

However, Sorbo noted that the ultimate goal is to point people to hope.

“There’s still hope out there,” he said.