Male Chauvinism Epidemic Suggests Chivalry Is Dead

By Nina May, rwnetwork.net

There was a time in our country when a woman had gallant men riding in to defend her honor. Since the failed feminist movement has destroyed these pedestals of virtue and reduced women to nothing more than dim reflections of the boorish men they seek to emulate, it is no surprise that chivalry has experienced societal obsolescence.

Otherwise, we would be seeing the husbands, brothers, fathers, and sons of dishonored women rising up in righteous indignation, and just pure justified anger, at the way their wives, sisters, daughters, and mothers are being treated by the current crop of cads.

When Hugh Hefner’s misogynist, exploitive website posted a list of 10 conservative women who should be graphically raped for a variety of reasons, there was no outrage by family members of these defiled, innocent victims of a potential hate crime. There was no outrage by a complacent society that has been convinced, once again, that we live in a divided society where some are more worthy than others.

These chauvinists today are the same self-absorbed elitists who fought a war to keep a segment of society in bondage. They are the same early chauvinists who fought to keep women from voting, seeing them as less worthy than men. These are the ones who embraced Margaret Sanger, the mother of Planned Parenthood, who had as her life mission, destroying the lives of those she felt were less than human, less than perfect, less than worthy of the protection of the law.

These are the ones who honor an abortion doctor who has committed murder for money, while dishonoring and debasing a young woman, Bristol Palin, who chooses to give life to the consequences of her choices in life. While calling her a hypocrite, they don’t seem to understand that her decision to give birth to her child, while robbing an abortionist of a paying client, actually represented exactly what her values are. When she speaks now about abstinence, it is from a position of someone who wasn’t, and who understands the consequences of sexual activity out of wedlock.

This blatant misogyny and anti-women hatred has taken on an unusual twist that tries to justify the boorish behavior by men suggesting that two men together are more worthy than one conservative woman on her own. White males who exploit and destroy women’s lives like Hugh Hefner, or have a platform of denigration, like David Letterman, are the standard bearers and water carriers for the truest chauvinistic behavior that relegates women to second class citizen, not even valued for intimacy or conjugal relations. They are called “dumb bitches” by men who fancy themselves as bitches in a male dominated society.

What is the purpose of women? Is it to satisfy the lustful fantasies of dirty, pitiful old men like Hugh Hefner? Is it to supply a cheap, unfunny laugh line for an old man who has lost his edge and has to suggest that raping a 14-year-old, or an 18-year-old, innocent girl is funny? Is it to just be beautiful, wear a crown and keep your pretty little mouth shut? Is it to become politically active and accepted ONLY if you espouse one set of beliefs over another, and if you don’t, you are referred to as a “slutty airline hostess”? Men have denigrated women to the point where two men think that their anatomy is the equivalent of a woman’s and choose that option to the real thing because women, in their eyes, are not worthy of intimacy. Two percent of the population, claiming to be the victims of societal victimization, are the ones who have the power to punish women, like Carrie Prejean, who express a different opinion.

If the men whose loved ones have been dishonored, won’t call these cads out, then perhaps the women should. In the old days, it was a duel to the death. These cowards would soil themselves if they had to face real women, who scare them so much, they have to threaten them from inaccessible, safe positions because they know these strong women would rip these small-minded, immature, pathetic men a new one.

With women as 51% of the population, whether they are conservative or liberal, they need to realize that this wave of anti-women sentiment sweeping the nation will not stop and ask about party affiliation. All women will be exploited, marginalized, demonized, perverted, and destroyed. If the self-proclaimed “feminists” remain silent on this continued abuse of conservative women, they are as guilty as the men who fantasize about raping women because of what they believe. Do they really think they will escape a society destined to destroy all contrary thought?

When Betty Freidan wrote her book, “The Feminine Mystique,” she was a frustrated “housewife” who was bored of playing tennis and living a protected, pampered life, so she tried to drive a spike into the heart of chivalry while ushering in the debasement of women. As we survey the landscape of ruined lives, aborted babies, exploited and dehumanized women who have been placed on a plantation of politically correct oppression, monitored by men who applaud the misogyny of feminism, we realize her book should have been named, “The Feminist Mistake.”

It is time for a REAL feminist movement that is not a self-absorbed, shallow, destructive reflection of how boorish men treat strong women. Real feminists should call these cowards out, challenge them to a duel and kick their pathetic, collective butts. Then they should challenge every single man who stood silently by as this abuse continued. Then they need to unseat every entrenched politician who has turned a blind eye to this abuse that has been allowed to continue, claiming millions of victims every year. This is the time for REAL feminism if there ever was a time. And if chivalry isn’t dead, it better wake up.