Many Democrats Didn’t Want This Movie to Make it to Theaters


Many Democrats Didn’t Want This Movie to Make it to Theaters

The truth finds a way to come out, even in the most unlikely ways. One relatively well-known truth that many in the news media, the government and the Democratic Party has tried to ignore, hide and suppress is involvement in the death of Mary Jo Kopechne of Senator Edward “Ted” Kennedy, who after her death had a very successful political career as a senator and ran as a candidate for the President of the United States multiple times.

The movie CHAPPAQUIDDICK releases April 6, and it exposes what happened to the powerful political Kennedy dynasty in 1969 when Ted and his friends travel to Martha’s Vineyard for the annual regatta. Eventually, they head to a beach house where several of Ted’s political team, as well as several young female campaign workers who man the phones and knock on doors, are gathered. Although Ted is married to Joan, he takes the pretty Mary Jo Kopechne on a drive to look at the stars. Ted drunkenly drives the car off a bridge into the water and leaves the scene of the accident, where Mary Jo slowly over hours drowns. Ted’s Ivy League team conspires to whitewash, spin and overcome the clear evidence.

The corruption and cover-up is so blatant in the movie CHAPPAQUIDDICK, that some powerful Hollywood individuals sought to stop the movie from being made. According to Bryon Allen, the producer of the movie, and the CEO of Entertainment Studios, the distributor releasing the movie, “powerful people” tried to “pressure” him to not release the movie. He continued that these individuals, “went out of their way to try and influence me in a negative way. I made it very clear that I’m not about the right; I’m not about the left: I’m about the truth.”

The movie stars some well-known faces. Australian actor Jason Clarke (DAWN OF THE PLANET OF THE APES, ZERO DARK THIRTY, EVEREST) plays Ted Kennedy, and Kate Mara portrays Mary Jo Kopechne. The movie also features Ed Helms (THE OFFICE), Jim Gaffigan and Bruce Dern.

Jason Clarke in an in-depth interview with Deadline explained that the movie reveals how deep the corruption runs in the Democratic party, though Clarke doesn’t align himself with conservatives. Clarke reasoned, “The constitution protects a lot of things and works very well, but if the Democratic Party becomes something else, in order to win, is it worth losing your soul to gain that?” He continued, “I mean there’s a reason why we lost this election, I believe. There was no real Democratic primary even. It was a foregone conclusion. Hillary Clinton had all the money; Bernie Sanders had none.”

According to Clarke, the left-leaning media has avoided the movie CHAPPAQUIDDICK. “Look, we’ve definitely gotten a lot interest from the right from Fox,” Clarke said, “but the left are not engaging. Bill Maher and Rachel Maddow passed on covering the film. I think Chris Mathews is still considering but hasn’t committed, and The New York Times isn’t really entering into a dialogue about it. The Times has an important connection to this story. It was their journalist, James Reston, who was on the island and bumped into Ted on the day to break the story. It would be very interesting to see what The New York Times thinks about their coverage of the original event, in retrospect.”

Ultimately, Clarke just wants what he calls his own Democratic party to not be hypocritical and to take responsibilities for its own shortcomings. He closed the interview asking, “Why won’t Rachel Maddow have us on her show to talk about how we feel about this now? Why aren’t the democrats talking as a group about what’s going on, about who we are as a party because at the moment it’s just a win. Win at all costs.”

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