Netflix, Max, Disney+ Form Trade Alliance To Fight ‘Obsolete Regulations’

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Netflix, Max, Disney+ Form Trade Alliance To Fight ‘Obsolete Regulations’

By Movieguide® Contributor

Streaming services like Netflix, Max and Disney+ have joined together to form a trade alliance that will work to improve the streaming industry. 

“Streaming provides great value, vast programming choices and unprecedented options for consumers,” Charles Rivkin, chairman and CEO of the Motion Picture Association, told The Hollywood Reporter of the newly-formed Streaming Innovation Alliance. 

He continued, “The MPA looks forward to working with the SIA and its members to ensure federal and state policy propels this incredible innovation forward—and doesn’t undermine the value and diversity consumers are enjoying today.”

Fred Upton, a former Republican member of the U.S. House of Representatives, and Mignon Clyburn, a Democrat who served as acting chair of the Federal Communications Commission, were both named senior advisers to the SIA. 

“Streaming services have opened up a new era of progress for program diversity that is bringing relevant stories and options to historically underserved communities at a record pace while opening doors for production jobs to people of color that have been shut for decades,” Clyburn said. “Any policy that drags down streaming would turn back the clock on this vital progress as well.”

Upton called the rise in streaming services “an American success story,” adding, “We should celebrate and encourage, not smother with obsolete and ill-fitting rules and regulations designed for completely different technology, products and business models.”

Other streamers who have joined the alliance include AfroLandTV, America Nu Network, BET+, discovery+, For Us by Us Network, MPA, MotorTrend+, Paramount+, Peacock, PlutoTV, Telemundo, Televisa Univision, Vault TV and Vix. 

Axios reported that one of the main concerns of the SIA is that “they’re not being held to the same legal standards as user-generated content platforms, like TikTok or Meta.”

“Streaming companies also want to ensure their collective power is harnessed when the industry faces new regulatory threats,” they continued, adding that the alliance “plans to partner and support other coalitions on common issues but have a broader mission in telling positive stories about streaming companies.”

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