Why DOCTOR ZHIVAGO’s Lessons Are Especially Applicable Today

Photo via IMDB Doctor Zhivago movie poster

Why DOCTOR ZHIVAGO’s Lessons Are Especially Applicable Today

By David Outten, Contributing Writer

The Russian revolution was based on class warfare. It began when the poor were encouraged to rebel against the rich. It quickly led to tyranny, pitting the powerful Marxist conspirators against everyone who dared question their power.

The rich became poor, and the poor became poorer. Freedom vanished. Fear reigned supreme. Education, entertainment and sources of information were all confiscated to become tools of indoctrination. Children were taught that the revolution must spread until the world was free of greedy capitalists who oppress their workers.

America is headed in that direction. We are being told we must increase taxes only on the wealthy to provide better healthcare, education and opportunity for the poor.

As America pushes toward revolution, it is vital we remember the lessons taught in DOCTOR ZHIVAGO.

Although the 1965 movie had a strong Romantic worldview, its critical watching to remind us that so-called revolutions often adopt a mob mentality that destroy the very country the people claiming they could protect. The movie takes place in post-World War I Russia with Dr. Zhivago caught in between white (democratic republican and pro-tsarist) and red (Marxist) Russians. It accurately depicts communism as an evil system that will destroy governments, institutions, religions, property, families, and individuals.

This mob mentality tries to brainwash the masses to believe that every conceivable problem is cause for larger government and stricter controls.

This isn’t about a movie, anymore. Reality offers stark lessons on how devastating a revolution can be.

Soviet premier Nikita Khrushchev was famous for saying, “We will bury you.” He once expounded on that by saying, “I once said, ‘we will bury you,’ and I got in trouble with it. Of course, we will not bury you with a shovel. Your own working class will bury you.”

America does not need to fulfill Krushchev’s prophecy. We certainly don’t need to reduce the wealthy to drying their clothes on a clothesline and risking their lives to steal wood for a fireplace (watch the movie). It is better to be employed making dresses, and be able to afford chicken, than to be unemployed begging the government for a bag of rice to feed your family.

What the wealthy of America need to realize is that they will be following in the footsteps of Doctor Zhivago if they do not invest in redeeming American culture. All that money tucked away in banks (even Swiss banks) has a huge target sign on it. The class warfare crowd thinks that if they can just get that money everyone will be better off.

Americans will vote for those who advocate “economic justice” if they don’t understand where it leads. Americans will want to see the rich “pay their share” if they don’t understand the rich are already paying the lion’s share of taxes.

If Americans continue to be taught they should look to the president and congress for their health care, their education and eventually their food and housing, we are doomed to make Krushchev right.

Imagine a government official coming to you one day and saying, this house can hold two more families. It’s no longer yours. We will permit you to stay in one room and share the kitchen if you do as we say. If you complain, we have an igloo for you in Alaska (watch the movie).

The time to do something is NOW!

The thing to do is to redeem the media (both entertainment and news).

Elections are not won with campaign funding alone. They are won in the battle for the culture and the worldview of the voters. If a majority of voters are foolish enough to support class warfare, we will all wind up drying clothes on clothes lines and begging for bags of rice.

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