Christian Singer Rachael Lampa Returns To Music: ‘How I Stay Close To God’

Christian Singer Rachael Lampa Returns To Music: ‘How I Stay Close To God’

By Movieguide® Contributor

Christian artist Rachael Lampa is revealing why she left the music industry years ago and why she’s choosing to return.

“I did this hardcore from the time I was 14 to about 21,” the “If You Believe” singer explained. “And then, I left. I had no plan for when I was coming back. But, when I left, I was like, ‘I have to be able to let this go because this is my whole identity. Everything is wrapped up in it. Everything is just this one big music-Jesus-people plump.’ And it didn’t feel right.”

Lampa elaborated on the feelings behind that decision in an Instagram post, writing, “When I walked away from my record deal, my life of music and touring when I was 21, I thought i totally ruined Gods plan for my life and had lost my purpose.”

“In reality, He was just quieting the applause so I could hear Him tell me that my identity in this life begins and ends with the fact that I am a child of God and that that’s all the purpose I will ever need,” the singer concluded.

Lampa stepped back from her music career, but in 2020, she began to “dream again” of making new music.

“Now that I am doing it again, I’m still letting it go,” she said. “I think that those are the words that God has given me to stay in that place.”

The idea of letting go is one that Lampa continually returns to, saying, “That’s been the survival, the theme. That’s how I stay close to God because I’m like, ‘this is scary.’ You know, letting anything go is scary. But, it’s also we’re free to, you know, feel free. Yeah, there’s trust, and there’s freedom.”

She spoke further about her return to the music industry at this year’s ASCAP Christian Music Awards.

“It’s been really fun being back in front of people,” Lampa shared. “There’s something that I’ve always loved about being on the road and being out there live. Because there’s just something so rare that happens in a group of people that are all singing together and all there for one purpose.”

She continued, “There’s science out there that talks about how when everybody sings together, their heart starts beating at the same time, their breath starts breathing at the same time. And I feel that, you know, when I’m up there. I feel the beautiful energy here, and yeah, so I think it’s going be hard for me to step away [again].”

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