She Finally Enters the No Spin Zone!

After 11 years or so of ducking, Hillary Clinton finally agreed to be interviewed by Fox News Channel’s Bill O’Reilly last month.
It is a good thing when presidential and other political candidates agree to let the public see them perform under pressure in a media venue like this. Whatever side of the political divides you sit, you should demand that all politicians face their accusers, attackers and critics as well as important local, state and national pundits such as O’Reilly. A better-informed public makes for a better society.
The problem is, too many of our pundits and journalists, including Bill O’Reilly, don’t know that social, political and economic issues are, at bottom (to paraphrase political author and historian Russell Kirk), religious and moral issues.
Even fewer pundits and journalists realize that the Bible has a lot to say about all of these issues. It is always best to follow the Word of God in every area of our lives, including the political sphere. As Scripture says in Matt. 4:4 and Deut. 8:3, “Man does not live on bread alone but on every word that comes from the mouth of God.” Jesus Christ is the physical embodiment of God here on earth, the Divine Word made flesh, so following Him and His teachings should be our first priority.