Television Guide: The Greatest Christmas Present

Quality: * * * * Acceptability: +4

Language: L

Violence: V

Sex: None

Nudity: None


PREMIERE: December 9, 2009

TIME: 30 minute

STARRING: LaVan Davis, Cassie Davis, Denise Burse, Lance Gross, Demetria McKinney, China Anne McClain, Larramie “Doc” Shaw, Keshia Knight Pulliam, Allen Payne, David Mann, Tamela J. Mann, and Palmer Williams, Jr.



EXECUTIVE PRODUCERS: Tyler Perry and Reuben Cannon

WRITERS: Brian Egeston and Torian Hughes


CONTENT: (CCC, BB, L, V, M) Very strong Christmas Christian message and worldview with strong moral elements, even though family argues a bit; one “d” word and one “h” word; very light comical violence where people poke each other with shepherd staffs; no sex; no nudity but Santa shown with female helpers with short dresses; no alcohol; no smoking; and, some comical insults and making fun of the Christmas story is rebuked.

GENRE: Comedy


REVIEWER: Dr. Tom Snyder

REVIEW: “Oh Christmas Payne” is the 2009 Christmas episode of TYLER PERRY’S HOUSE OF PAYNE comedy show on TBS.

After listening to some Christmas carolers, the family goes back inside. Little Jazmine wants to open one of her Christmas presents early. She opens a large box with a little Nativity crèche, and Aunt Ella begins to tell her annual story about the First Christmas when Jesus Christ is born.

Everyone’s heard her tell it before, however, so they start telling their own comical versions. First up is the patriarch of the Payne Family, Curtis, Ella’s husband. Cut to a re-creation where Curtis is the mean innkeeper who tells Mary and Joseph that there’s no room for them at his inn. Curtis also greets two wise men. When he tells them he thought there were three wise men, they tell him that there’s an economic recession.

Then, Curtis and Ella’s son Calvin tells the story from Joseph’s perspective, followed by family friend Floyd, owner of the nearby barbershop. Floyd tells the story like a Hollywood producer who wants to replace Joseph with Santa Claus and Mary with a beautiful model.

At this point, Ella interrupts the shenanigans. She tells them it’s not right to make fun of Christmas, and, like little Linus in the classic A CHARLIE BROWN CHRISTMAS, she tells the family the true story of Christmas and the real reason for the season, Baby Jesus. Jazmine concludes the episode by saying that Jesus is the best Christmas gift of all.

This Christmas episode of the popular TBS series is very funny. LaVan Davis is extremely funny playing Curtis and the mean innkeeper, and Palmer Williams, Jr. gives a great impersonation of a callous, clueless Hollywood producer. In the end, however, it’s Cassie Davis who shines and inspires as she tells everyone the true meaning of Christmas. The lesson makes a positive impact on little Jazmine, played wonderfully by China Anne McClain.

MOVIEGUIDE® wishes more shows on television would tell viewers the real meaning of Christmas during December like HOUSE OF PAYNE.

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