There’s Another Destiny for This Child: Pop Star Sees Her Work as Evangelism, Not Titillation


There’s Another Destiny for This Child:

Pop Star Sees Her Work as Evangelism, Not Titillation

By Caleb Fite, Contributing Writer

Destiny’s Child, the R&B women’s group from the early 2000s, disbanded in 2005, but not before leaving behind a legion of peppy dance tunes and many songs that made their way to the top of the charts. Even though they were greatly recognized by secular listeners, in some cases, such as their single “Survivor,” the ladies even affirmed their Christian beliefs in the lyrics.

Upon their dissolution, the three ladies that made up the group went their separate ways and pursued their independent careers. The most successful to date has been Beyonce Knowles who has forged a path in her own right earning many popular accolades for her anthems like “Single Ladies” and for love songs like “Halo.”

In more recent years, though, Knowles has taken a less wholesome turn with songs that center around seduction and infidelity  (“Naughty Girl” and “The Last Great Seduction”).

Beyonce is not the only case of a young performing artist whose fame has changed their values (Brittany Spears and Miley Cyrus are two other notable examples). The trend seems to be that entering into the fame and fortune of “Pop-star-ism” can and will likely foreshadow an immanent demise in wholesome values.

Thankfully though, this isn’t always the case!

Michelle Williams is another member of the Destiny’s Child trio. Since the group disbanded years ago, she has made a career in the realm of Gospel music.

Williams says that she has been called to encourage people and to tell them to look for God’s plan in their lives. Even since the Destiny’s Child days, Williams has known that her vocational calling is to serve God through her music.

In an interview with The Blaze she said her calling “has something to do with evangelism. . . . I am to speak the word of God through my music.”

Williams’ positive attitude about her work in the entertainment industry certainly ought to reassure Christians that there is still hope. She’s been through the gauntlet of all that Stardom can throw at her and has come out the other side all the more sure that she’s supposed to “just be a light.”

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