Why David Crowder Isn’t Opposed to Deconstruction: ‘I Had To Tear It Down To Know What Truth Was’


Why David Crowder Isn’t Opposed to Deconstruction: ‘I Had To Tear It Down To Know What Truth Was’

By Movieguide® Contributor

Worship leader David Crowder said deconstruction helped solidify his faith in Christ, and he sees nothing inherently wrong with deeply examining your beliefs.

“Because if it’s true, it’s true,” the artist explained “There’s no threat to examining what beliefs you’ve been handed. If they hold up, they hold up.”

Even though Crowder has made a name for himself with his multi platinum Christian songs, he admitted that he has wrestled with his faith in private. 

“For me though, [deconstruction is] what rescued me,” said Crowder. “I had to tear it down to know what truth was.” 

Dr. Corne Bekker, Dean of Divinity at Regent University gave his thoughts as well: “Oftentimes, faith deconstruction makes use of the philosophical term ‘deconstructionism’ or deconstruction. And it’s fundamentally based on what we believe with two fundamental assumptions: the first assumption is, that there is no absolute truth – which is somewhat problematic for us as Christians. The second assumption is that the context has more to say about our understanding of Truth, rather than truth itself.”

“When we deconstruct our faith from the perspective that there is no ultimate truth, we end up at the place that we are simply adrift in our own emotions and life experiences – under the prevailing philosophies of our world,” Dr. Bekker continued. “I think a healthier terminology to say is, wrestling with our understanding of our faith. Wrestling with the word of God.”

Movieguide® previously reported on Crowder’s exploration of his faith: 

Christian artist and worship leader David Crowder recently opened up about his own experience with deconstruction.

The GRAMMY nominee shared his thoughts on the matter in an interview with The Christian Post, saying, “I was at a place in time where I found a community of believers that felt like refugees, that we were setting down a lot of baggage that we had because of the institutional experience we’ve had with Church. Jesus is so not like that.”

Deconstruction is a philosophical and literary analysis of any subject. However, recently in Christian culture, the term has taken on the meaning of a critical examination of one’s faith often leading to a change of heart and mind, and sometimes even Atheism.

While Crowder appears to support deconstruction in order to affirm your faith, other musicians are very against it.

Movieguide® has also reported on Skillet frontman John Cooper’s opinions on deconstruction:

John Cooper of Christian rock group Skillet takes a hard stance against the trend, stating in an article on Faithwire:

I’ve been outspoken about what I believe to be the dangers of deconstruction and relativism within Christianity. Everyone that I know who has left Christianity in the last five years began with what he or she described as “deconstructing my faith.” It is an epidemic that some still refuse to acknowledge. A friend of mine texted me a few days ago and asked, “Why are you so brazen in your words about deconstruction?”

… I believe it’s being used deceitfully by those who truly do wish for Christians to not only deconstruct their faith but also to deconvert…  These not-so-subtle arguments are poison, yet they are tempting to many Christians, because they fall in line with current popular culture. …

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