4 reasons the Rocketeer would lose vs. Iron Man

We all love Iron Man, but back in 1991 there was a movie called The Rocketeer that tried to be better than Tony Stark.

Here are 4 reasons why the Rocketeer would lose vs. Iron Man.

1. No ability to shoot

RocketeermovieposterCome on Rocketeer man, you can only fly! That’s not much help when the evil villains are after you.

2. It’s stolen equipment

rocket2The jet pack isn’t even invented by the Rocketeer. It was stolen from Howard Hughes!

3. Held together by gum

gum3What kind of machine is dependent upon a piece of gum stuck on it so it doesn’t explode? The Iron Man suit is much more structurally sound.

4. Leather jacket?

rocketeer07When you’re flying through the air you need something stronger than leather to protect you. Something strong like….IRON!!!

In case your felling nostalgic for the 90’s, here’s a clip from the Rocketeer. Just don’t let Tony Stark know you watched it 🙂


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