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UNPLANNED Cast Reunites For A Fun Christmas Party!

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I still pinch myself at times to make sure this is reality. These men are so special to me. I'll never forget holding their films in my hands as I worked at my little Christian bookstore and reading their names on the back of them asking God to get me to the very men that made them. I had a desire to get back into acting but I wanted my talent to be used by God for a purpose greater than myself. I did not have an agent or manager to do it for me and I had not acted professionally in years. But I knew that nothing was impossible for God so I boldly asked God to do just that. The IMPOSSIBLE. And here we are in this photo as proof that God hears prayers and answers them! And a movie was made that has released all over the world and we have all been used by God for a purpose greater than ourselves. @unplannedmovie is now global. Lives are being saved from never existing. Healing is being found after watching our film. Eyes are being opened. Hearts are being converted. If you ask me, it's a very Merry Christmas indeed!! . . . . . . . #merrychristmas #unplannedmovie #answeredprayers #thisisreal #praybig #godsnotdead #actorsthatinspire #unplannedmoviechristmasparty

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