SANDLOT Producer Recalls Success of Movie 25 Years Later

SANDLOT Producer Recalls Success of Movie 25 Years Later

By Tess Farrand, Contributing Writer

“Ya killin’ me Smalls…”

It’s hard to believe but 2018 marks the 25th anniversary since the release of the beloved movie THE SANDLOT.

Even if audiences know next to nothing about baseball, THE SANDLOT connects with a variety of viewers because of its affirmation of friendship, dreams and perseverance.

The plot follows a group of boys as they duke it out on the baseball field during the heat of the summer of 1962. However, when a ball signed by star player, Babe Ruth, flies over the fence to a forbidden territory, the group hatch a plan to get it back that unearths a lot of personal findings.

Former Movieguide® Board of Directors member, Chris Zarpas, of Norfolk, Virginia, came across the script that he wisely purchased: for 1 million dollars.

After reading the script Zarpas recalls saying, “This is likely the best script I’ve ever read. I wouldn’t change a period. A comma. I’d shoot it tomorrow.”

Zarpas had a feeling that THE SANDLOT would stand the test of time, even before it came to theaters; “There are so many life lessons that it offered – letting the new kid play, acceptance, kindness and leadership… movie was timeless in many ways.”

Zarpas is right. THE SANDLOT is one of the most quoted movies within the pop culture landscape. In fact, fathers who grew up with the movie, now teach their sons the notable dialogue and life lessons from Ham, Smalls and the whole gang!

More importantly, Zarpas’ healthy outlook on placing God as his first priory translates to the success his many projects, including his MOVIEGUIDE® Epiphany Prizes winner: GRACE UNPLUGGED

Publisher and Founder of Movieguide®, Dr. Baehr, commends Chris Zarpas for his movies and his testimony about Jesus Christ. Dr. Baehr notes that Chris has one of the most powerful personal stories commending the work of MOVIEGUIDE® and Christian Film & Television Commission(R). Chris called Dr. Baehr many years ago to tell him that MOVIEGUIDE® was changing Hollywood. Dr. Baehr notes, “I am proud of the movies Chris has produced and of our abiding friendship.”

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