Dean Cain: ‘Hollywood Thy Name is Hypocrisy’

Screenshot via Fox and Friends

Dean Cain: ‘Hollywood Thy Name is Hypocrisy’

By Allyson Vannatta, Senior Writer

Actor Dean Cain called out the hypocrisy of Hollywood celebrities who want to defund the police but hire former officers in their personal security details.

“Hollywood, thy name is hypocrisy,” Cain said in a recent interview.

Celebrities including John Legend and Jane Fonda have signed a letter calling to defund the police. However, Cain thinks that defunding police is the wrong answer to today’s civil unrest

“You want to defund the police, you’re asking for anarchy, you’re asking for vigilantism,” he told FOX & FRIENDS.

“They should be spending more money to properly train the officers and get them more on task for what these people think they should be doing.”

Cain added, “Without the rule of law, we have total and complete anarchy, and it’s just madness.”

The nation has been in a state of unrest since the deaths of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor and Ahmad Arbery, with Americans demanding change, protesting and signing petitions for the second straight week.

Cain said it’s heartbreaking to see how police officers are being looked at as villains now.

“It’s just a heartbreak to see this happen because these are wonderful people, heroic people who are serving and protecting all of us.”

Cain added these are the first responders that people call when something goes wrong, and if the police are defunded, people will have no one to call.

Cain said what America needs right now is unity, and this division coming from both sides must end.