21st Century Illustrated Bibles

21st Century Illustrated Bibles

By Dr. Ted Baehr, Publisher

The great Celtic illustrated Bibles with their beautiful, intricate penmanship will never be surpassed. However, there is good news, because Bible apps for smart phones are illustrating

the Bible in new and exciting ways that bring to life the truth of God’s Word. There are two apps right now that are leading the way.

One is called “The Life of Jesus Through the Eyes of the Masters.” It presents the story of the Gospels from the birth of Jesus to His death and resurrection with beautiful paintings from the greatest western artists illustrating each story. When you click on the paintings, you can go deeper to find out more about the artist, more about the artist, more about Jesus, and even see some spectacular digitally animated enhancements of the painting, all on your smart phone, tablet, or other digital device.

Another application is called “Bible 360.” This app illustrates the Bible with virtual tours, HD video, thousands of high resolution photographs, thousands of articles, works of art, and maps. Most of the material can be digitally manipulated.

These apps are not your grandmother’s flannel-graph. They are a much, much better way to get to know and understand God’s Word and to help others do the same. Also, they do so in ways that take full advantage of cutting-edge technology.

Both these programs are highly recommended. They are informative and fun to use.

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