Acting Legend Michael Caine Dispels Gender ‘Pay Gap’ Allegations


Acting Legend Michael Caine Dispels Gender ‘Pay Gap’ Allegations

Acting legend Michael Caine (THE DARK KNIGHT RISES, ALFIE and THE MAN WHO WOULD BE KING) generated some controversy recently when he dismissed allegations that Hollywood pays its male stars much more than its female stars.

“It’s rubbish. I worked with Elizabeth Taylor, and she got 10 times more than I did: and, that was over 30 years ago,” Caine said in an interview with the UK Mirror.

Caine starred alongside Taylor in Michael G. Hutton’s 1972 film X, Y and Zee.

“I don’t agree about the pay gap because she got a lot more money than me,” Caine added.

Caine has made some other controversial comments recently.

For example, he said in May most actors today only want to be famous and “can’t really act.” In January, he came out in support of Britain leaving the European Union and said Hollywood celebrities protesting the white complexion of most Oscar nominees this year should “be patient” about wanting to earn a nomination.

– Sources:  Breitbart, 06/17/16.

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