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Army Approves Atheist Concert at Fort Bragg

The United States Army has approved an atheism-themed concert on March 31, 2012 at Fort Bragg.

Originally scheduled for this year, the concert event was postponed when Sgt. Justin Griffith, a Bragg soldier and military director of American Atheists, decided the event wasn’t receiving the same support as a Christian concert in the past.

Griffith sees this concert as a turning point for military personnel who do not claim any specific religious traditions. Richard Dawkins, a famed atheist, is set to speak, along with performances by other musicians and entertainers.

Despite Griffith’s claims that Fort Bragg failed to give them the support Christian concerts received, Bragg spokesman Ben Abel says they will give the same support to this upcoming concert as the other private events it supports.

– Source: One News Now, 08/08/11.