Book Guide: Unlocking Children’s Potential

The MISTER D. book will give great encouragement to children.

Having been Director in charge of the TV Center at the City University of New York and Chairman of the Christian Institute for the Study of Media at the “Center for the Arts, Religion and Education” of the Graduate Theological Union at the University of California at Berkeley, I have spent years teaching and researching cognitive development theory and media literacy.

With that in mind, I commend the book MISTER D. It will help children get over their doubts and fears, and unlock their potential.

Hollywood star Kevin Sorbo proclaimed, “Being a proud father of three children, bedtime reading is my favorite part of the day with them.  Mister D delivers in a big, fun, colorful way to end the day. A must-have for all moms and dads everywhere!”

MISTER D is the first book by film and television writer/producer Elizabeth Stevens. Elizabeth tells the story behind MISTER D:

“Like so many other parents, I used to take my daughter, Jennifer, to her Karate lessons several times a week. It was a big part of our lives. She took Karate from one of Chuck Norris’ senior Black Belts. Chuck was active in his schools and we used to see him all the time at the belt tests.

“One day before one of her advanced belt tests, Jennifer nervously said to me, “What if I make a mistake during the test?”

“I felt for her. She looked so scared. I think she was nervous that she would let me down. I wouldn’t have been disappointed, of course, not if she had tried her best.

“I asked her, “Do you know everything you need to know for the next belt?”

“‘Yes, I do.” she said.

“I then asked, “Have you practiced?” Of course, I knew that she had practiced since I always watched her class, but I was trying to make a point.

“She smiled and said, “Yes, Mom, I have practiced a lot.”

“I told her that when you have doubts and fears then you can’t focus. And, when you’re not focused, that’s when you can make mistakes. I suddenly thought of something. “Why don’t you think of your doubts as Mister D. During your test, if you feel scared, just say in your mind – Go away, Mister D!” Jennifer looked at me and nodded. I could tell that she liked the idea.

“She tested and did really well. After it was over, she ran up to me, showed me her new belt, and said, “It worked!”

“Jennifer was so excited. I was too. I was so happy that something I thought of to help her, had actually helped her.

“I told my husband, James, about it later that evening. “You should write it as a children’s book,” he said.

“I told him that I didn’t know if I could.

“He then said to me, “You better tell Mister D to go away.”

Editor’s Note:  Elizabeth Stevens was born in Boston and currently lives in South Pasadena with her husband and writing partner, James Bruner, and their family. A romantic drama by Elizabeth and James Bruner, ICE DREAMS, was nominated for the $100,000 Epiphany Prize for Television by MOVIEGUIDE®.

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