Candace Cameron Bure And Heather MacFayden: ‘God’s Will Is Right In Front Of You’

Photo from Candace Cameron Bure’s Instagram

Candace Cameron Bure And Heather MacFayden: ‘God’s Will Is Right In Front Of You’

By Movieguide® Contributor

In a recent episode of the Candace Cameron Bure podcast, the actress sat down with writer and podcaster Heather MacFayden to talk about the different ways culture measure success. 

MacFayden spoke about the ups and downs she went through on the road to success, from deciding not to go to medical school, to trying to figure out a career in the entertainment industry, to becoming a teacher’s aide. 

Bure shared her own story of feeling lost when FULL HOUSE came to an end. She was married to hockey player Valeri Bure and felt a little “directionless” just attending his games, with no work in her own life. 

The pair also said that, after having children, many people in their lives encouraged them to give up their careers. 

“People can give us advice,” Bure said. “It’s not always good advice, it might not be bad advice, but it’s not necessarily the right advice. And that’s why we need to listen to God.”

“That’s the key,” MacFayden agreed. “His goal was protection of you and to keep you from feeling failure, as if we get to hold the keys to success and failure looks like.” 

She went on to say that, even in a moment when she felt like she had failed, her job as a teacher’s aide led her to considering work as a speech therapist. MacFayden’s husband’s job moved the family to San Francisco and she started attending grad school and volunteering at a hospital. She was eventually moved to the speech language pathology department and offered a job there. 

Bure also found her own footing, maturing as a “hockey wife” and continuing to create a life for her family as they moved around the country. 

“God’s will…it’s right in front of you if you’re just, each step, surrendering enough to depend on where He’s taking you,” MacFayden shared. 

Bure agreed, saying, “We are so often looking for the big thing…and it’s like, the big thing is right in front of you! It’s your dependency upon God to look to Him and listen to Him and hear Him and be obedient to Him.”

“The success comes from this humble place of fully occupying your God-given space,” MacFayden concluded. 

Watch Bure and MacFayden’s full conversation below:

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