Comic-Con: THE EUROPA REPORT is the Sci-Fi Movie for Scientists

By Natalie Fertig

Movieguide® is at Comic-Con in San Diego, CA to find out about the new movie, THE EUROPA REPORT. Directed by Sebastian Cordero, this movie tells the story of an expedition to Jupiter’s moon Europa, and the discovery of extraterrestrial life. 

As producer Ben Browning shared at the panel, which included NASA scientists as well as members of the cast and crew, THE EUROPA REPORT was created out of a desire for “a movie about extraterrestrial life that didn’t cheat anything.”

With two recent STAR TREK blockbusters and three new STAR WARS movies on the way, sci-fi is having a heyday in filmmaking. However, THE EUROPA REPORT is designed to break out of the traditional science fiction mold.

A lower-budget production, what the movie lacks in CGI visual effects, it makes up for in scientific accuracy. Director Sebastian Cordero explained that they wanted to create a movie that would act as a true “what if?” scenario. If humans were to actually succeed in finding life somewhere in our solar system, where would they find it, and how would it happen?


THE EUROPA REPORT Panel at San Diego Comic-Con 2013 ®Movieguide/Evy Baehr

Kevin Hand and Steven Vance, two NASA scientists who consulted on the movie, were on hand to speak about the science involved. They explained that Europa, one of Jupiter’s moons, was chosen because of its massive amounts of liquid water – an element that most astronomers and biologists agree is the key to life on another planet. 

THE EUROPA REPORT is designed to look and feel like a faux-documentary made about the Europa journey. The science aspect isn’t as much the fodder for plot points (as in STAR TREK) as it is its own character in the movie. 

THE EUROPA REPORT is rated PG-13, and Movieguide® cannot yet give an acceptability or quality rating yet, but for science buffs this may be one to monitor.

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