Harrison Ford Calls De-Aged INDIANA JONES Scenes ‘A Little Spooky’

Gage Skidmore, Creative Commons

Harrison Ford Calls De-Aged INDIANA JONES Scenes ‘A Little Spooky’

By Movieguide® Contributor

New details were recently released for the upcoming INDIANA JONES movie, the fifth movie in the iconic franchise. 

One of those details? A scene with a de-aged Harrison Ford. 

Using ILM software, the movie will use footage of Ford from previous INDIANA JONES movies and superimpose it over new footage of the actor.

“My hope is that, although it will be talked about in terms of technology, you just watch it and go, ‘Oh my God, they just found footage. This was a thing they shot 40 years ago,’” said producer Kathleen Kennedy.

Ford is equally impressed with the footage created with the new technology. 

“It’s a little spooky,” he said. “I don’t think I even want to know how it works, but it works.”

“Doesn’t make me want to be young, though,” he was quick to add. “I’m glad to have earned my age.”

The new INDIANA JONES movie will start in 1944, with a Nazi storyline. It will then fast forward to 1969. 

“The audience doesn’t experience the change between the ‘40s and ‘60s as an intellectual conceit but literally experiences the buccaneering spirit of those early days … and then the beginning of now,” said director James Mangold. 

Movieguide® previously reported on the upcoming movie:

Harrison Ford shared several important details about his upcoming INDIANA JONES movie over the weekend. 

“Thank you for making these films such an incredible experience for all of us, giving the opportunity to us to make these films for you,” Ford said to the cheering audience. 

“I’m very proud to say that this one is fantastic,” he continued, crediting co-star Phoebe Waller-Bridge, as “one of the reasons.”

“INDIANA JONES movies are about fantasy and mystery, but they’re also about heart,” he continued. “We have a really human story to tell.”

Many of the people in the audience were surprised to see the normally-stoic Ford get choked up when speaking about one of his most iconic characters. 

The role obviously means a lot to Ford, but the actor did let fans know this would be the last time they would see him as Indiana Jones. 

“This is it!” he laughed. “I will not fall down for you again.”

The actor likes to do as many of his own stunts as he can, and has injured himself in the past on the set of INDIANA JONES AND THE TEMPLE OF DOOM and STAR WARS: THE FORCE AWAKENS. 

This might be the last time we see Ford as the adventurous archaeologist, but some have theorized there may be more movies in the works — with a new actor playing Indiana Jones. 

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