Martha Stewart Reveals Story Behind Her Treasured Handmade Nativity Scene

Photo from Martha Stewart’s Instagram

Martha Stewart Reveals Story Behind Her Treasured Handmade Nativity Scene

By Movieguide® Contributor

Martha Stewart shared the story behind her handmade ceramic Nativity set that she made while serving time in prison. 

Stewart served five months in prison for insider trading. 

“They had a ceramics class,” she said of her time behind bars. “And I chose to spend my evenings making ceramics.”

Stewart said she found “something like 15 pieces” to use as molds for her project, but had to contend with a prison rule that inmates could only make three items. 

“I persuaded the warden that 15 pieces was one thing,” Stewart laughed. She then showed off the Nativity scene pieces, which feature her prison number on the bottom.

Stewart has displayed this Nativity scene in her home every year since her release in 2005. The famous homemaker also sells replicas of the figures through her home goods line. 

“If you’d like to give a really beautiful and special gift this Christmas, with a little street cred, they’re all inspired by — guess what — a set that I made when I was confined,” Stewart said of the pieces. “These are exact replicas of a Nativity scene I made in my pottery class when I was away at camp.”


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She has also spoken about how creative outlets helped her deal with her time in prison.

“Even when I went away for five months, I got through it. I learned how to crochet. I still have the gorgeous crocheted poncho [that I wore leaving prison]. It’s in the attic. And I re-upped my ceramics there,” Stewart explained.

She continued, “I had done a lot of ceramics as a child, and we had this fabulous ceramics studio in West Virginia, and I made an entire crèche scene. That’s my best memory.”