More Female Child Stars Linked to Sex Movies

More female child stars in Hollywood are being put into sexploitation movies.

MOVIEGUIDE® has already protested Dakota Fanning’s role in the child rape movie HOUNDDOG. Despite the dismal failure of that ridiculous, sick movie, Fanning will share top billing next year with Kristen Stewart, the ingénue of the TWILIGHT movies, in a movie titled THE RUNAWAYS, about a real “jailbait” rock band in the 1970s. Meanwhile, child star Abigail Breslin will appear in something called RAPE: A LOVE STORY, and AnnaSophia Robb (RACE TO WITCH MOUNTAIN) reportedly will appear in another “adult” movie like the one she did with Charlize Theron, SLEEPWALKING.

Apparently, as shown by the Hollywood crowd that rushed to the defense of Roman Polanski recently, the liberal elite in America thinks pedophilia is no big deal.

This attitude shows the depths to which America’s popular culture has sunk. Nothing short of Christian Revival can reverse this terrible trend.

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