Movieguide® on the Road in Moscow


Movieguide® on the Road in Moscow

Movieguide® Founder and Publisher Dr. Ted Baehr and Executive Managing Editor Evelyn Baehr just returned from Moscow, Russia last weekend, where they spoke at the International Forum: “Large Family and Future of Humanity.”

Dr. Baehr has spoken at many pro-family events around the world over the years to encourage people that pro-family movies do better at the box office and to teach people to be culture wise so that they choose the good movies and reject the bad.

Evelyn spoke at the youth breakaway session and gave a great talk on the influence of movies on children and teenagers.

Dr. Baehr showed that Russia and the rest of the world want more family and more Christian movies.

For example, each year Movieguide® does a comprehensive study of the major movies at the international and worldwide box office.

In the last three years, the most family-friendly movies with Christian, morally uplifting content matching a biblical worldview have led the Top 10 Movies at the Overseas and Worldwide Box Office.

For instance, in 2012, 90 percent of the Top 10 Movies Overseas had a strong Christian, redemptive, biblical or moral worldview, with only one of them rated R. Also, only two of them had more than 25 obscenities and profanities, while none of them had any graphic sexual content.

In 2013, all of the Top 10 Movies Overseas had strong positive content, none of them were rated R, only one had more than 25 obscenities or profanities, and none of them had any depicted or graphic sex scenes.

“2013 was certainly one of the best years for family-friendly movies,” Dr. Baehr said, “but Christian-friendly and family-friendly movies do very well every year.”

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