NAB Faith ‘N’ Film

AS VEGAS, April 10, 2012 – The 168 Film Project is, once again, partnering with NAB Show to offer the Faith ‘N’ Film Summit, a day of networking and education from a faith perspective. The event will be held on Sunday, April 15, 8:00 AM to 6:00 PM at the Las Vegas Convention Center – Room S219. 

Tickets for the Faith ‘N’ Film Summit are $50 and include access to NAB Show exhibits. Register here: https://registration3.experientevent.com/showNAB121/Default.aspx?App=EO&Passcode=EP01 (Code EP01). For the Faith ‘N’ Film Summit Agenda, visit http://expo.nabshow.com/mynabshow2012/public/SessionDetails.aspx?ParentSessionID=2105

“The community has no shortage of talent,” noted Ware, “And the strength of this year’s crop of faith and family films is a testament to the growth we have seen in the genre. With our partner NAB Show, we are very excited to bring the discussion of how these films will be financed in 2012 and beyond.”

Slated to present at this year’s Summit is actor/writer/director, Corbin Bernsen. In addition to his newest show “Psych,” Bernsen has appeared on eight years of “L.A. Law,” “Seinfeld” and “The Larry Sanders Show,” and was nominated for Emmy and Golden Globe awards. He starred in “Hello Again,” “Disorganized Crime,” “Shattered” and as Cleveland Indians’ third baseman-turned-owner, Roger Dorn, in the popular “Major League” films.

Bernsen is scheduled to screen his latest film, “25 Hill,” a story about a 12-year-old boy whose Soap Box Car Derby dreams are threatened when his father is sent to war in Afghanistan.

Also scheduled to appear is actor/author Kevin Sorbo, who played the title role in“Hercules: The Legendary Journeys,” and Gene Roddenberry’s “Andromeda.” Sorbo acted in the films “Soul Surfer,” “Kull The Conqueror” and “Meet the Spartans.” His many TV appearances include “Just Shoot Me,” “According To Jim” and “The O.C.”

Sorbo will discuss his book “True Strength: My Journey from Hercules to Mere Mortal-and How Nearly Dying Saved My Life.” During the height of his TV career, he suffered three strokes. He was playing the world’s strongest man while feeling like its weakest.

Sorbo continues to act in movies and television and heads the mentoring program, A World Fit for Kids, a non-profit organization providing gang, drug and dropout prevention for teens.

Sought after speaker Dr. Ted Baehr will be on hand to discuss the state of the soul of the entertainment industry. He is the chairman of the Christian Film & Television Commission and founder/publisher of Movieguide.org, a website that evaluates motion pictures and other entertainment products from a conservative Christian perspective on suitability for families.

Comedy sensation, Michael Jr’s clean comedy (“The Tonight Show,” “Comedy Central,” “The Late, Late Show”) will tickle audiences without making them turn red.

The Faith ‘N’ Film Summit is produced by the 168 Film Project, an incubator for filmmakers, which includes worldwide filmmaking and writing competitions. All work is based on randomly assigned Bible verses.

A Faith ‘N’ Film panel discussion, “Show Me the Money: Funding Faith and Family Motion Pictures in 2012,” features Genesis Capunitan, SVP of Revolution Productions/Kurtzman Orci, Bobby Downs, founder & CEO of ChristianCinema.com, and Chris Morrow, chief global strategist at Echolight Studios.

“The Faith ‘N’ Film Summit encourages storytellers and filmmakers to use their skills and resources to elevate the consciousness of audiences to God-inspired or life affirming values,” said Genesis Capunitan. “This is one of those great opportunities that should not be missed.”

Screenings include short films from the 168 Film Project’s annual speed-faith film production competition. All are welcome, including the worldwide community of faith, church media professionals, filmmakers, artists, pastors and ministries seeking excellent faith-based content.