Netflix Announces Cast for New PINOCCHIO, a Movie Full of Biblical Imagery

Disney's Pinocchio

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Netflix Announces Cast for New PINOCCHIO, a Movie Full of Biblical Imagery

By Jenny Rose Spaudo, Contributing Writer

Netflix announced the cast for the new animated musical PINOCCHIO, a movie full of biblical imagery.

Oscar-winning Guillermo del Toro will direct the movie.

The cast features Gregory Mann as Pinocchio, Ewan McGregor as Cricket, and David Bradley as Geppetto, reports Fox News. Other popular actors involved in the film include A-lister Cate Blanchett, STRANGER THINGS‘ Finn Wolfhard, and Tilda Swinton from THE CHRONICLES OF NARNIA: THE LION, THE WITCH, AND THE WARDROBE.

The new musical tells the well-known tale of a woodcarver named Geppetto, who creates Pinocchio, a wooden puppet that comes to life when a fairy casts a spell and whose nose grows when he lies.

But the classic tale written by Carlo Collodi—along with Disney’s 1940s animation movie—contains more than tales of Pinocchio’s mischievous adventures. The story also showcases plenty of biblical parallels.

Although Moveiguide® has yet to see the movie because it’s in pre-production, we’re optimistic to see how the biblical imagery will play out on screen.

For instance, some viewers could see Geppetto as God the Father. The way he lovingly carves Pinocchio, only to watch him give in to his own vices, is similar to how the Father created mankind, only to watch them turn to sin.

Similarly, Jiminy Cricket mirrors the Holy Spirit as he serves as Pinocchio’s conscience throughout the tale. He warns Pinocchio often about caving to sinful desires, including when the evil character Honest John convinces Pinocchio to come with him to Pleasure Island.

Some see the story of Jonah, the Old Testament prophet, in PINOCCHIO as well. The book of Jonah highlights the prophet’s rebellion after God tells him to preach repentance to the wicked city of Ninevah. When Jonah refuses and runs away, God sends a storm and a giant fish to swallow Jonah and take him to Ninevah.

A similar motif appears in PINOCCHIO. After Pinocchio rebels against Geppetto and runs away, a sea monster resembling a giant fish swallows him. He finds his father in the belly of the monster, and after rescuing him, the fairy transforms him from a living wooden puppet into a real boy.

Some could point to this new life as representing how sinful human beings become new creations when they put their hope in Jesus.

Although del Toro doesn’t mention explicitly Christian parallels in PINOCCHIO, he does recognize the spiritual nature to the story.

“In a strange way, two of the stories that fascinate me the most are kind of related, which is Frankenstein and PINOCCHIO,” del Toro said. “They are both about creatures that are created and then get lost in a world they don’t understand. And they are both journeys of understanding, and journeys of evolution of the spirit. When we started working on PINOCCHIO, we knew very clearly that we wanted to make it different in the sense that it is not just a fairy tale but a fairy tale that actually moves you and emotionally affects you. It deals with ideas that are relevant to everyone, to all mankind in a way.”

Netflix’s PINOCCHIO is set to release sometime next year.

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