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New Faith-Based Social Media, FaithMeet, to Launch in 2022

Photo from Faith Meet Instagram

New Faith-Based Social Media, FaithMeet, to Launch in 2022

By Movieguide® Staff

FaithMeet is a new social media for Christians that is set to launch in 2022 and will focus on sharing faith-based content.

Unlike Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, FaithMeet will reportedly be free from “secular distractions,” FaithMeet creator and founder Godwin Rose Samuel said.

“Christians have to spend long amounts of time sifting through other non-Christian and secular content to find the Christian content on these other apps,” Samuel told the Christian Post. “The Christian content is often not even God-centered because it distracts from the focus of the Jesus-focused gospels. Whenever I would search social media apps for Christian content, it was always a struggle to find quality content. So, I created my app that will contain mostly everything that these other apps have, but it will be diluted in faith, which I think will help Christians to focus on God more.”

Despite the platform’s faith focus, it won’t exclude non-Christians. Samuel said that FaithMeet would also be a conduit to expose people to Christianity and offer a space for believers to encourage one another.

“I wanted to live out the faith by creating this social networking platform. I wanted to inspire those who don’t know the Lord while even helping those who are already Christians to keep their eyes on the Lord and not on lusting and coveting over secular content,” Samuel said. “Other non-Christian content always pops up on these other apps. And currently, we are combining Facebook, YouTube and Instagram because we have posts, videos and pictures. So now, people don’t have to go to these other platforms. It’s all in one place.”

Samuel added that there would be a team of moderators that will help to enforce community standards of “appropriate” and “God-centered,” content.

FaithMeet will have a set of community standards and guidelines that aim to keep all content “appropriate” and “God-centered,” according to Samuel. A team will monitor content and remove any posts deemed “inappropriate” or “non-Christian.”

“The platform team will keep it faith-based by being an extra set of eyes,” Samuel explained.

Samuel said he prays for the Christian community online without exposure to pornography and other graphic content from other social media sites.

“They can meet each other and glorify God through the app. I think this will help people move away from porn and other secular things that negatively influence the youth,” Samuel said.