New Faith-Based Website Focuses on Holy Land Travel

Want to visit the Holy Land? has launched the first faith-based website focused exclusively on travel to the Land of the Bible. Their goal is to make the Holy Land more accessible to Christian users and change the face of Christian tourism. They have exclusive Christian content and a host of innovative features that allow users to create blogs, write reviews, form their own travel or common interest groups, learn from experts, and receive critical information to enhance their pilgrimages to Israel.

“We are living in a time when people want to move beyond sermons, they want to experience their faith for themselves,” said Elisa Moed, Founder and CEO of and a 20-year veteran of the hospitality, travel and tourism industries. “Our hope is that Travelujah will help facilitate a profound experience, a spiritual re-awakening for every Christian who chooses to visit Israel and the Palestinian Territories.

Travelujah is the only dedicated online Christian portal for the Holy Land.

– Source:, 07/09/09.

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