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How Ronald Reagan’s Christian Faith Influenced His Positive Presidency

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How Ronald Reagan’s Christian Faith Influenced His Positive Presidency

By Allyson Vannatta, Staff Writer

This article is part of our Miracles in Hollywood series

Ronald Reagan was known to many as the 40th President of the United States, the Great Communicator and even a Hollywood movie star. However, Regan wouldn’t be the beloved man people remember today if it wasn’t for his Christian faith.

Nelle, Reagan’s mother, was a devout Christian woman. Nelle instilled in her son the optimism that comes with a solid foundation in faith.

Reagan grew up in the church with his mother. Nelle was a Sunday school teacher and dedicated her life to helping other people. She would make weekly visits to a TB hospital and jail where should would being apples, cookies and her Bible.

On the other hand, Reagan’s father was an alcoholic and unreliable to the young boy.

His mother’s dedication to faith taught him that his heavenly father was reliable, even when his father on earth wasn’t.

Growing up in the church taught Reagan many of the things he carried onto his presidency.

He first began acting in the church by doing one act readings. The president-to-be also started teaching a weekly Sunday School class at age 15 until he left for college.

These actions of reading and teaching in church taught him the foundation of being a good communicator.

Reagan’s pastor taught him how great the threat of “Godless communism” was to a nation. He hated the Marxist, Communist Soviet system from then on out because he abhorred its atheism.

When the KNUTE ROCKNE star headed out to Hollywood, he joined a local church.

The actor eventually became the president of the Screen Actors Guild where he stood up to over 300 Communist Party members in Hollywood.

After Reagan left Hollywood and became the President of the United States, he continued to be vocal about his faith and show it in his actions.

The president spoke against abortion and was an advocate for prayer in school.

Even after his attempted assassination, he told New York’s Cardinal Cooke, “I have decided that whatever time I have left is for Him.”

Although Reagan succumbed to Alzheimer’s in 2004, millions of people around the globe remember the late 40th president for his faith, optimism and fierce leadership.

Below is a video montage of some of Reagan’s popular comments that go hand in hand with his faith.