How THE BACHELOR Confirms That Millennials Don’t Wait To Have Intimacy Until Marriage

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How THE BACHELOR Confirms That Millennials Don’t Wait To Have Intimacy Until Marriage

By Tess Farrand, Associate Content Editor 

ABC’s THE BACHELOR confirms that millennials don’t want to wait to have intimacy until marriage with their “fantasy suite” dates.

The “fantasy suite” date marks the final time that the bachelor gets to spend with contestants before choosing his bride. During this time, cameras leave, and the couple(s) may choose to be intimate with one another for the first time.

THE BACHELOR and THE BACHELORETTE shows open a larger conversation of how millennials treat intimacy before marriage.

According to Barna:

Most Gen-Xers and Millennials continue to believe conventional ideas of sex: that it is to express intimacy between two people who love each other (57% Gen-Xers; 56% Millennials) or to procreate (52% Gen-Xers; 51% Millennials). However, the notion that it should unite a man and woman in marriage is endorsed by just one-third of Xers and Millennials.

Nearly half of younger generations say that sex is to connect with another person in an enjoyable way (44% Gen-Xers; 49% Millennials), though this sentiment is not much different from older adults. Notably, Millennials are much more likely than older adults to say the purpose of sex is self-expression and personal fulfillment (41%).

On February 24, 2020, the current Bachelor, Peter Weber, will have that same opportunity with the three remaining women on the show.

One final contestant, Madison Prewett, is a very strong woman of faith. This week’s episode stressed that Prewett will confront Weber about abstaining from physical intimacy during the allotted time on their “fantasy suite” date. Some viewers believe that she will end up leaving Weber because of Christian values.

In previous episodes, Weber admitted that he believes sex is an important part of a romantic relationship. Weber, who grew up in Christian household, also said that his faith could be stronger.


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Weber and former Bachelorette, Hannah Brown, made headlines when they confirmed that they were physically intimate during their “fantasy suite” date multiple times. Viewers and cultural commenters landed on either side praising Brown or condemning her because she was outspoken about her faith in Jesus on the show.

Since THE BACHELOR is such a staple in pop culture, it’s safe to say that these men and women are role models of how to act and also how not to act.

For non-Christians, the call to sex before marriage isn’t the same so it’s unfair to expect that they hold the same values when it comes to physical intimacy before marriage.

For Christians, the call for holiness in the Bible is quite clear and another thing altogether. Additionally, in Matthew 7, Jesus says that His followers will be recognizable because of their fruit.

Now, viewers don’t know the condition of Weber’s heart, not fully, so there’s grace, but his story, like so many other millennials demonstrates that there’s a deviation from biblical teachings.

One can’t help but wonder, if his previous relationship with Brown would’ve involved sex, would he have healed faster and more completely?

It seems that young generations of Christians have a sense of morality, as many want to be married and in a monogamous relationship, like Weber, but don’t understand that you can’t have your cake and eat it too.

Since Christians believe that God invented marriage, shouldn’t there be a greater emphasis that God knows how it should look better than the average millennial?

In Genesis 3, the crafty serpent challenged the authority and authorship, or the word of God and he still does today.

Perhaps, intimacy before marriage, even for Christians, is yet another way the devil seeks to steal, kill and destroy.

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