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Pray for Persecuted Christians During Ramadan


On August 1, 2011, MOVIEGUIDE® will join Open Doors USA in a month-long campaign to pray with persecuted believers in Muslim-dominated countries.

In these countries, August marks the beginning of a 30-day Islamic fast called Ramadan, which may lead to more persecution for Christians in the area. All around the world, Christians are alienated, persecuted and killed for their faith in Jesus Christ, so it’s important for us to join with them in prayer.

“We have a great opportunity to pray for believers undergoing persecution because they live in countries without the same religious freedoms we are so blessed to have in the United States,” said Founder and Publisher of MOVIEGUIDE, Dr. Ted Baehr.

MOVIEGUIDE® encourages all believers to join us in this 30-day prayer campaign for our brothers and sisters in Christ who are undergoing persecution for their faith.