Robby Baehr Offers Parenting Tips To Manage Screen Time on Latest ‘Familyguide’ Video

Robby Baehr Offers Parenting Tips To Manage Screen Time on Latest ‘Familyguide’ Video

By Movieguide® Staff

In a recent video titled “The Ultimate Guide To iPhone Settings: How To Control Screen Time (And Keep Your Sanity As A Parent),” Movieguide® CEO Robby Baehr talked about the balance between screen time and family time in the home.

“How can you use technology to be able to facilitate, as a parent and as a person of faith, being able to use your devices well?” Movieguide® CEO Robby Baehr said. “I think that it is really important to know how to deal with technology in the home, know how to use tech with your kids without it being an addictive source for them.”

Throughout the video, Baehr gave a step-by-step guide to implementing tools already available on your iPhone to help cut down on screen time and increase family time.

“Today we’re going to start with the iPhone, we are going to talk to you about some tools you can use on the iPhone as a parent for yourself and for your kids to be able to help with screen time,” he said.

The first feature available to iPhone users is “down time” settings, which allows you to set limits on what applications are available at a scheduled time.

“I want you to know that my wife and I use this, it’s not just a thing you can use for kids it’s something you can also use for yourself to make sure that you are living a life that is in the moment, with your kids, spending time focusing on God, focusing on family, focusing on all the things you need to and not being consumed by technology.”

Baehr also highlighted a function that lets the user limit the time spent on any given app each day.

Moreover, Baehr noted that parents could set content and privacy restrictions to ensure their child stays safe on an iPhone.

“Let’s say that you gave your kid an older iphone to be able to use—now we might not recommend that you give your young kid an iphone, but if you’ve given your kid an iphone and you as the parent know best on when to give that—you can create a parent passcode that only you as the parent have that way you can create certain locks on your child’s device to be able to protect them from using the screen too much.”

“If it is their device you can go through and you can cut back on a whole bunch of things that they do, purchase, what apps they’re allowed to use, who they can talk to, all sorts of things,” he added. “This is a tool that is going to help you as a parent and make your life easier.”

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