Superpower Scholarship Essay


By Brittany Reese


Editor’s Note: Brittany L. Reese is a High School Junior at Travis Academy of Fine Arts and also taking classes at local Tarrant County College. This article is her scholarship essay: “Mom’s Media Choice for Her 6-Year-Old Influences Her Daughter’s Scholarship Essay 11 Years Later.”


As a little girl, I had many “super heroes,” but ironically none of them included the typical cartooned Supergirl, Wonder Woman, or Xena, the Warrior Princess. In 2001, the movie PRINCESS DIARIES hit the theaters, and immediately I fantasized about one day being just like Mia Thermopolis. She possessed the one attribute I had previously aspired to for years: benevolent leadership. Watching her parade through the streets of Genovia, smiling and waving at the massive crowds, then stopping the whole outfit to take a moment and speak with a group of orphan girls — only to invite them along in the procession — caused an unparalleled swell of emotion in my six-year-old heart.


To this day, benevolent leadership is still something I strive for. To be able to switch places with Princess Mia for a day would not only be a little girl’s dream come true, but also an extraordinary opportunity to impact innumerable people. Showing love, leadership, and providing the picture of a quintessential role model for young people would be among my top priorities as Princess of Genovia. I believe that those with the greatest power and influence also possess the greatest responsibility to pour life into those around them, building them up to leave them with inspiration to do the same to others. Every person has a hunger within him to find his own superhero; mine was found in the benevolent leadership of Princess Mia Thermopolis.

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