Pop Star Tiffany Thanks ‘Angels Above’ After Surviving Car Accident Unharmed

Photo from Tiffany’s Instagram

Pop Star Tiffany Thanks ‘Angels Above’ After Surviving Car Accident Unharmed

By Movieguide® Contributor

1980s pop star Tiffany is “thanking the angels above” after surviving a dangerous car accident unharmed. 

Her representative released a statement about the accident, which took place in Nashville. 

“Last week, Tiffany was driving on 65 when a tire from a truck came rolling across the highway, hit her car, and got stuck under the driver’s side,” the statement read. “The transmission is torn apart. There is front damage and the side paneling of the car was ripped completely off.”

Tiffany added, “I’m extremely lucky and thankful because a major accident could have happened.”

She spoke about the accident further in an Instagram post. 

“Thanking the angels above… and thank you to all who’ve reached out after my car accident… I’m feeling fine, no complications,” she wrote. “Hoping they can fix my car… be safe out there guys, and thank you again for the concern & love.”

It’s unknown if Tiffany needed any medical attention following the accident, but many fans are taking her statement of “no complications” to mean that she is feeling okay. 

Tiffany rose to fame with the hit song “I Think We’re Alone Now,” and has continued making music. She is currently on tour, promoting her latest album, Shadows



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