Tim Tebow to Host Drive-Thru ‘Night to Shine’ Celebration

Photo Courtesy of Tim Tebow/Instagram

Tim Tebow to Host Drive-Thru ‘Night to Shine’ Celebration

By Movieguide® Staff

NFL commentator Tim Tebow announced that the upcoming Night to Shine Celebration will be a drive-thru event due to the continued COVID-19 pandemic.

“We firmly believe through much prayer, seeking of wise counsel, and conversations with churches, families, and medical professionals, that fostering the long-term health and well-being of each precious guest is critical to loving them well,” the Tim Tebow Foundation said in a statement on social media.

Tebow’s Night to Shine event seeks to offer an unforgettable prom experience for people with special needs 14 years old and up.

Tim Tebow’s website reads: “The Christian faith is about loving Jesus and loving people, and that is what we are trying to do with this foundation and all of our outreaches. Whether it is spending a weekend encouraging a child with a life-threatening illness through a W15H, helping a family adopt an international child with special needs, crowning kings and queens of the prom, or by showing God’s love through our four other outreaches, our goal is to let people know that God loves them and that they are worthy.”

People with special needs are at higher risk of contracting COVID-19, and it often can be more deadly for them.

“Traveling all over the country and all over the world, one of the constant themes in COVID [that I’ve seen is] how many people with special needs are feeling forgotten, have been isolated, have been in their homes, have had nobody to celebrate them, nobody to love on them, nobody to care for them. That’s why I believe this year’s Night to Shine may be even more important,” Tebow said on Instagram.

“Is it going to be quite the same as being in person? I don’t know,” Tebow continued. “But I still believe that God’s gonna use it. He’s gonna use it to be able to celebrate life, because we’ll still be able to crown them as king and queen, we will still be able to celebrate them. They’ll still be able to dance from their cars, they’ll still be able to be loved, to be cared for and hopefully hear the good news of the Gospel.”

Tebow’s foundation is gearing up for an all-out drive-thru event on February 11, 2022.

“At a Night to Shine, we’re not only going to tell them, we’re going to show them how awesome they are,” Tebow said. “For your church, there can be so many ways that you can make it special, whatever it is in your community that’s different. Last year we got to see drum lines mwe got to see gymnast, we got to see cheerleaders, we got to see so many amazing things.  How could you make it special?”